LG G2 out now in major smartphone markets worldwide (including US and Europe)

The LG G2 (LG’s latest flagship Android phablet) is available now in many countries of the world including United States and could well signify the emergence of a new player in the high-end smartphone market. With Samsung Sony and Apple effectively dominating the market, LG has its work cut out if it’s to catch up in any fashion among consumers. However, the G2 is a surprisingly excellent phone, and those willing to give it a shot may find themselves falling for it hard. Here’s a look at some of the unique features which make this smartphone worth buying this holiday season.

This is actually the phone’s standard default case, rather than a feature of the phone itself, but it’s still one of the cooler things about the G2. QuickWindow covers the front face of your phone, but leaves a tiny window that your phone’s screen adapts to, presenting you with basic information – the time of day, weather, etc. – that you can scroll through.

Rear Controls
One of the most unique features of the G2 is its inclusion of rear controls – at the top, in the center of the phone’s backside – for picture taking and volume control. Theoretically the design is simply more convenient for adjusting the volume while on a call, or snapping those popular “selfie” pics.

LG G2 android phone


Android PlayStore Apps
Naturally any Android phone will have access to this app collection, but it’s still worth noting regarding certain specific functions. For example, the G2 has no inherent cloud service to rival Apple’s iCloud,. Fortunately there is a solution out there, you can install and use the powerful Sharefile Android app for file sharing, cloud storage, etc. We’re getting to the point that any apparent phone deficiencies can be fixed via the right app collection.

OIS Camera
This stands for “Optical Image Stabilizer,” and keeps photo and video quality very high on the G2. Basically, you’ll be able to capture images without shakiness or blurring that so often accompanies smartphone video and photo taking.

This is a fun perk that allows you to actually narrow your phone’s audio capturing to a specific point you’ve zoomed in on. It’ll be particularly useful for things like taking videos of live performances or concerts, when the sheer volume tends to make specifically desired sounds hard to hear.

Voice Mate
These days, every phone needs a personal assistant, and in keeping with the likes of Siri and S-Voice, Voice Mate is the G2’s full on personal assistant for vocal commands.

Guest Mode
In the interest of privacy, the G2 also comes equipped with a guest mode. Let’s say you’d like to let a friend make a call on your phone, but you don’t necessarily want to hand over your device with all your apps wide open. Guest Mode solves this problem by letting you hand over only the essential functions of your device, hiding the rest.

Final words – Ultimately, smartphone preferences are different for everybody, and with established players already dominating the market there may not be room for new competitors. But give it a look yourself before you count it out! Mark my words, if you fall for it you will not regret this decision ever.


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