Android Lollipop v5.0 update for LG G3 is rolling out now in India

Android Lollipop update for LG G3 is seeding now in India
As promised earlier, LG is apparently working hard to push the latest Android version to LG G3 in most countries before 2014 ends. After Korea and Europe now it’s India’s turn to get the taste of Android Lollipop in LG G3 – the Indian variant D855 (unlocked) is getting the update right now. As usual the update first appeared on LG Mobile Support Tool (LG’s official mobile service software for Windows PCs) yesterday and we promptly hooked in our LG G3 for the update process. Before updating we checked for the update via “Update center” app in phone but there was no OTA update notification. However OTA availability is not far away and you can expect it within next 3-5 days. We will update this post when this happens. Anyway the update stands at around 1.1GB for LG G3 D855 Indian unlocked model. The software version reads “V20e-IND-XX” and Android version is 5.0 (Lollipop) as shown in the screenshot below. LGS Tool downloads the whole firmware (usually in the form of a KDZ file which is over 1GB in size) and then updates the phone software. In contrast, OTA update is smaller in size (usually half the size of KDZ) and requires no computer/software. So if you are not a “quickie type” and want to avoid huge data transfers then better wait for OTA update. Otherwise follow the steps given at the end of this post to use LGS Tool to grab the update.

LG G3 Lollipop Update Notification

LG G3 Lollipop Update Notification

LG G3 Lollipop Update

Updating LG G3 via LG Support Tool

LG G3 Lollipop Software info

LG G3 Lollipop Software info

After the update process completed, LG G3 booted with Lollipop for the very first time and then a notification popped up “please update the apps for optimum OS performance”. The update center showed 13 app updates (of native apps like Quick Memo, FM Radio etc). No official change-log is available but we will update this post with detailed change-log as we play around with the phone a bit more. Here are some initial impressions –

Smooth, (almost) lag-free UI

New improved and more transparent notification center with some new toggles

Completely transparent task-bar and notification area

New Lock screen notifications support

A Siri/Cortana like app called “Voice Mate” has been added

T action” function (and its On/Off toggle in notification panel) has been added which is kinda “flip the phone for a specific function” feature

New UI animations and transition effects

Color inversion” function (and its toggle in notification panel) has been added – which changes phone colors into “negative” (system wide effect)

New task manager which shows open apps in a tabbed style

Besides, all the new features of Android Lollipop (improved security, ART run-time instead of Dalvic for faster app loading time, improved battery management etc.) will hopefully improve the overall user experience of LG G3 – the phone of the year 2014. Anyway, did you get the update for your LG G3? If yes then do share your experience here.

How to update via LG Mobile Support Tool?

The problem with LGMS Tool is that it downloads the whole firmware rather than the update only, in contrast to OTA process which download and install the update only. So be patient as the whole process will take quite some time.

Warning – Before you go ahead with the update process with LGS Tool, make sure to

Back-up your important data first as there is always a possibility of data loss during update (less likely by OTA process)

Your Windows installation drive (usually C:) has more than 5GB space free (required for extracting firmware files), otherwise LGS Tool will give error during update process

Also phone battery should preferably be charged to at least half the full mark

Do not touch the phone or USB cable during the process as any connection interruption may brick your device and render it unusable. Also avoid any computer related issue which may interrupt the update process like sudden shut down due to any cause (like power interruption or virus infection), computer freeze etc.

LG Support Tool is a Windows software, so download and install it in your PC (available free at the LG website). After installation, open LG Support Tool (right click on its icon and select “Run as administrator”) – it will take some time to launch – now connect your LG G3 with computer via USB cable – Support Tool will detect the phone – first install phone drivers by clicking on “Install USB Drivers” tab – when drivers are installed Support Tool will show phone’s software information and inform if software update is available – click on the “Start Upgrade” button on the top left to begin with the update process – after initial check for connection and phone settings LGS Tool will start downloading the new software – usually the firmware is in GBs so it will take time (depending upon your internet connection speed) – after download completes phone will restart and Support Tool will start the update process (after firmware download, Support Tool took only few minutes to update our G3) – when finished phone will restart again and LGS Tool will notify you of the successful update – now you can disconnect your phone from computer.


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