LG G4 gets Android 6.0 MM OTA update (V20C) in India

Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for LG G4 is rolling out now in India
The long wait of LG G4 users in India has ended as they are now getting the latest Android version. Starting from South Korea and Poland in November 2015, LG G4 has already got the update in most parts of the world. However Dual SIM variants took longer than their single SIM counterparts. The Indian LG G4 (H818N dual-SIM model) is perhaps the last unlocked variant to get the MM treat. Our G4 unit got the OTA (Over The Air) system software update notification yesterday. Being a major OS upgrade the update is pretty big in size – about 879 MB. It bumps up the software version to V20c-IND-XX (previous version was V10l) with the build date February 2016.

LG G4 Android 6.0 MM

OTA update notification gives an overview of the changes this update brings along (as seen in the screenshot) –

Apps will now ask for permissions after installation to better protect your information on the phone. Apps with no permissions may be limited in use or have issues. You can check or change these settings later in Settings – Apps – Permissions

The screen for apps settings has been simplified offering various app management features

The battery will now be optimized automatically when the phone or apps are not in use for a certain period of time

Alarms may not sound and notifications from apps that are not updated according to the latest OS version may not be received during battery optimization. To ensure notifications are received from such apps go to Settings – Battery and power saving – Battery usage – Ignore optimizations

Display brightness levels have been optimized for better sun-light legibility. Besides brightness slider can now be seen adjusting automatically depending upon the ambient light.

A new Direct Share feature is now available. Recommendations are given based on your previous sharing history.

Google apps and settings are now available under Settings – Google

“Interruptions” and “LG Bridge” have been renamed to “Do not disturb” and “LG AirDrive” respectively

Knock Code now must be at least 6 taps and use at least 3 different quarters

Memory usage can now be seen under Settings – Memory

QMemo+ has been renamed to Capture Plus (in some variants)

Silent mode has been added to the sound profile

Swiping left or right in Email and Messaging can now be undone by swiping in the opposite direction

Besides the update also includes the latest February 2016 Android security patch.

How to update?
OTA update
If you have not received the OTA update notification still, then check for it manually via Settings – General – About phone – Update center – Software update. Phone will check for the update and notify you if available for your variant. As usual OTA update rolls out in a phased manner so it may not hit all the devices at the same time to avoid server over-load issues. It may take some time to reach all LG G4 units so you will have to wait a bit longer for the update depending upon your country/carrier.

LG Bridge
Besides OTA route you can also update your G4 via LG Bridge, the new LG PC Suite for LG G4. Refer to this post to know more about LG Bridge. However update may not be available via both routes (OTA and LG Bridge) at the same time.

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  1. Sivakumar February 26, 2016 at 6:58 AM #

    I updated my device..

    1.its really smooth and fast interdace.
    2.can block certain app permissions
    3. Few bloatwares removed

    1. Battery drains fast doze mode doesnt optimised
    2. Call recording function removed
    3. Wifi connectivity issue
    4. Bluetooth lag in sending music files
    5. Some apps crashes
    6. Benchmark scores less than in lollypop version

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