LG G4 is getting a software update to fix touchscreen and other performance issues

LG G4 V10d Software update Info

A software update is now rolling out for LG’s current flagship, LG G4 in many parts of the world (mostly for H818 variants) to fix various issues related to the buggy original firmware. OTA update stands at around 177 MB, software version is V10d-IND-XX (previous version was V10a) and the build date is June 25, 2015. The firmware is still based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. We received the OTA update notification for our LG G4 (H818N dual SIM Indian variant) today. The notification gives vague details about the update (as seen in the screenshot)

1. Usability improvements through Google Patch
2. Phone usability and functionality

We also checked for the update via LG Bridge (the new LG PC Suite for G4) and it also showed the update of over 1 GB. This huge size difference is due to the fact that LG PC Suite and LG Mobile Support Tool download the whole firmware and then install it while OTA update consists of only the updated components. However there is no difference in terms of software version or features, whatever way you chose to update the phone.

This update is supposed to address various issues related to LG G4 original firmware (like bad touchscreen response, heating issue, restart problem etc). These bugs, especially the touchscreen related one, have been widely reported by users from around the world since the launch of G4 in May. We have also noticed the touchscreen issue in the retail unit of LG G4 here in India – often the phone did not respond to touch which means we have to repeat the tap more so with double tap to wake function. This is really frustrating; kinda similar to what we have left far behind in the era of resistive touchscreens. Thus there is something wrong with the touch response of the gorgeous QHD display and this is certainly not expected from a flagship device of a reputed company. It would be great if LG provided a setting under “Display Settings” to increase the touch sensitivity of the display (just like Samsung). Anyway this software update fixed the nagging issue to a large extent, now we have a more responsive phone screen responding to “almost” every touch.

LG G4 V10d SW OTA Update Notification

How to update?
OTA update
If you have not received the OTA update notification yet then check for it manually via Settings – General – About phone – Update center – Software update. Phone will check for the update and notify you if available for your variant. It may take some time to reach all LG G4 variants so you will have to wait a bit longer for the update depending upon your country/carrier.

LG Bridge
You can also update your G4 via LG Bridge, the new LG PC Suite for LG G4. Refer to this post to know more about LG Bridge.

LG Mobile Support Tool
LG Support Tool for mobile is an official LG software to update/flash LG phones. You can also use this application to update LG G4 to the latest available software. Read this post to know more about LG Mobile Support Tool.


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