New Microsoft Lumia/Windows Phone firmware and Emergency file downloader

Lumia/Windows Phone Stock firmware/Emergency file Downloader

As Microsoft has closed down most Nokia sites (including firmware repository), older methods to download Nokia & Lumia phone softwares are not working now. Microsoft has shifted Windows Phone firmware files to its own servers. Fortunately some alternatives have cropped up off late which try to solve this problem to some extent. We have already described one such solution called “Nokia firmware downloader” in an older post. Here is another one we found recently which essentially serves the same purpose – but only for Lumia phones. Available at, it is a free tool providing download links to Microsoft (& Nokia Lumia) stock firmware files. Unfortunately old Nokia (Symbian/S40/S30/UIQ/MeeGo etc) phones other than Lumias are not supported by this service.

Lumia firmware downloader

How to download stock ROM files via Lumia Firmware Downloader?

  • First up note down your phone’s product code. Product code of Nokia Lumia/WP phones is a seven digit code specific to a phone model. It is in the format 0XXXXXX – zero followed by six alphabets/numbers or a combination of both. For example 059M367 is the product code specific to Black Nokia Lumia 800 in Brazil. There may be several product codes for a single phone model according to country and carrier. You can find your phone’s product code at the retail box, at the sticker under battery or under Settings – About menu
  • Go to
  • Design wise the site exactly mimics Navifirm interface (a software earlier used to download Nokia firmware files). So if you have ever used Navifirm, you will find it quite familiar and easy to use. Now there are two ways to download
  1. When the site loads, a list of all available Lumia Phones (according to model names and RM) are displayed at the left hand side window (as seen in the screenshot above)
  2. Search your phone model in the list and click on it
  3. Wait for a while as all variants of your phone model are displayed in the next window. Now search for your phone specific variant (product code) in the list and click at it
  4. Wait as the currently available firmware(s) is displayed in the last pane. Click at the firmware – download links of firmware files (& emergency file for some phones) will appear – click at the desires files to download one by one

Or alternatively

  1. Directly type the product code of your Lumia phone in the product code search box (at the top left side of page) and press enter key
  2. Wait for a while as the available firmware(s) are displayed in the third/last column (at the top right side)
  3. Click at the firmware version – download links of firmware files (& emergency file for some phones) will appear – click at the desires files to download one by one

Additional Notes

  • More than one firmware may be available for some phones, in such case (and if you are not sure which one to download) it is recommended to download the newest one. Older version firmwares may be used to downgrade the phone software if it is having problems with the new one.
  • As firmware files (especially the main .ffu file) are pretty big in size, a fast internet connection (preferably WiFi/unlimited data plan) is recommended to download these. When finished, you can use these files to flash/reset/update your Lumia phone. For some newer models like Microsoft 950, emergency recovery flash files are also available for download.
  • You can also use Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) to download firmware for (& flash/reset) a supported Lumia phone – described in this post.
  • Interestingly we have noticed some non-Lumia phone firmwares also listed at this downloader. These include Nokia 105 (RM-1133, 1134, 1135), Nokia 222 (RM-1136, 1137) and Nokia X3-02 (RM-775). If you have an older Nokia phone not listed at this site, try another similar service described here.


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