Microsoft to discontinue Nokia Sync services w.e.f. December 5, 2014

Microsoft Devices team today sent an email to Nokia Sync users informing them that the Nokia Sync services will not be available with effect from December 5, 2014. All Nokia devices (except Lumia) – S40, Asha, N9, Symbian etc will be affected by this discontinuation of Nokia Sync services. This move is one of the series of strategic steps Microsoft is taking to completely dismantle Nokia and associated services (Symbian gone, Nokia Store no longer updated with new apps, development discontinued for all Nokia platforms, Skype for Symbian discontinued etc etc). According to the mail all user data on Nokia Sync servers will be destroyed after the deadline and users will no longer be able to sign in to Nokia Sync using their Nokia accounts. However Microsoft has provided two options for existing Sync users

You can either export your previously synced “Contacts” to computer in the form of a CSV file or
You can migrate synced data from your Nokia account to a Microsoft account

Links to these export/migrate options are given in the mail (sign in with Nokia account is required to export Nokia Sync data). Here is what the original email reads

"Termination of Nokia Sync" Mail

“Termination of Nokia Sync” Mail

Nokia Sync provided the service to synchronize user contacts, calendar appointments and notes between a Nokia phone and Nokia servers. It comes built in with all Nokia high and mid-range phones and despite the death of Symbian/MeeGo there are still millions of S40/Asha phone users who have an active Nokia Sync account. So if you are one of these then act now to retrieve your Nokia Sync data.

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