(Almost) Working Mobipocket Reader for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle Phones (Nokia 701, 808, N8, C7)

Mobi Reader (modded) for S60v5, Symbian^3/Anna/Belle phones

Mobi Reader (.prc ebook reader app) was one of my favorite apps until Amazon acquired Mobipocket and stopped it’s further development (even Mobi Reader installation files have been removed from official site now). The last official version of Mobipocket reader supported Symbian OS up to S60 3rd ed. only (not compatible with Symbian touchscreen devices having S60v5 and S^3). I had a huge collection of prc ebooks in my Nokia N95 which became useless when I bought N8. There are over 15 ebook reader apps available for Symbian^3 but unfortunately there is none which can open those Mobipocket specific books. So sad!


Mobi Reader in Nokia N8

While browsing through some old sis files yesterday, I found a Mobi Reader sisx. I modified and recompiled it and installed in my N8 (running Belle) hoping to get it work. And to my delight it was working fine except the fact that navigation was not working via any touch controls (hyperlinks are not touchable, no swipe left/right possible). Pages can be turned by Volume Up/Down button only. All menu functions are working fine including the “Auto-scroll” and Go to page function for easy navigation. It is also working perfectly in both portrait and landscape modes. However DO NOT turn on “Full-screen” mode as touch controls are not working and therefore it would be impossible to get Menu in that mode.

To get all your ebooks listed in Mobi Reader’s library, place all the prc files in “eBooks” folder in mass memory or memory card (create this folder in root of mass memory/memory card if it is not already present). So if you too miss your prc ebooks in the touchscreen Symbian phones then give this Mobi Reader a try. It will take some time to get used to but its worth the effort.

Download the modified Mobi Reader from here (compatible with all S60v5, Symbian^3/Anna/Belle phones) and install in Memory card. Being a modified app, it is an unsigned sis file so phone must be hacked to install it. You may refer to this post to hack your Symbian phone within minutes.

To download all other Symbian ebook reader apps, please refer to this post.

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  1. ibodnano October 6, 2012 at 5:39 PM #

    hi there, i have been waiting for this app to be ported to nokia 808 belle, i have installed the official last s60v3 version on nokia 808. Only the touch control not working, what have you modded to the sis?

    Please keep modding and improving this app, thanks

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