“Myriad” innovates “Alien Dalvik” to run android apps (As native without modification) on Nokia N900 (MeeGo)

Ever thought about running an Android app in your MeeGo based Nokia N900? Well, it is possible now. Running cross platform mobile apps (Without porting stuff) is a task that many hackers and developers have been working on. And now it is a reality (At least for Android-Meego platforms) as Myriad (A Swiss mobile-tech company) yesterday announced “Alien Dalvik” (A strange name given to the method) that enables (Most of the) Android apps to run (As native) on non-Android platforms. This launch opens the Android experience to new users. It’s a win-win situation for the users as well as the mobile operators and app store owners (By opening many new revenue opportunities).
So how does it works?
As described at the official site:
“Alien Dalvik” enables most of the Android applications to run unmodified on other platforms (Only Meego is supported initially) by simply repackaging Android Package (APK) files. The modified “Alien Dalvik” android apps appear as native and can be easily installed on phone.
“Alien Dalvik” is announced to be available later this year, initially on the MeeGo. Other platform support is also expected later on. It will be demonstrated on Nokia N900 next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 14th-17th). So stay tuned for details and updates.
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