Navifirm Plus updated to version 3.2 – regains access to Nokia firmware files

Navifirm+ got another update (v3.2) recently (if you don’t know – Navifirm Plus is a must have software to download Nokia mobile’s original firmware files from official Nokia care servers. These software files can be used to flash/reset/update bricked phones or can be modified/hacked to create custom firmwares). Main highlight of this update is that the developer has removed some restrictions in the free version – now non-donators can also download Nokia firmware files by entering product codes. However with free version you can only download the latest firmware available for the phone (but can not browse and download older firmwares).

Features Available to non-donors (free version) –
Search latest firmware version by Product Code
Download latest firmware version
Add Product Codes to the Favorite List to be notified of new firmware releases

Additional Features Available to donors only –
Notification of firmware changes since last login.
Freely browse all the Firmware versions available for any device.
Download / Copy to ClipBoard, any firmware version.
Shows hidden / replaced / removed variants (marked in red color)

navifirm plus 3

Navifirm Plus

Last year Nokia blocked open access to its mobile firmware repository which means only authorized Nokia personnel can now access official phone softwares via login. This step rendered Navifirm useless and millions of clueless mobile owners who wanted to flash their Nokia phone had to shell out money to Nokia Care Centers just because Navifirm was not working giving “unauthorized access denied…” error.

But not anymore, the good news is that the developer of Navifirm+ has released its new version recently with access restored to Nokia firmware files once again. Wait! there is a catch though, now you will have to pay some money to fully utilize Navifirm features (earlier it was totally free). To support the developer, a minimum 3 Euro donation (via Paypal) must be made to get a working Navifirm+ account which is negligible in my opinion.

Tip – You can also get a free Navifirm+ account – just like the official Facebook page of SymbianToys and keep an eye on this page’s updates – the developer gives away free Navifirm+ account every now and then as a promotion (at around 8:30 PM GMT) – be quick and act instantly as soon as the login and password are released – just change the password before anyone else and the account is yours!
Besides limited time (working for 12 hours or so) accounts are also shared via the same FB page so stay tuned
You can download Navifirm+ version 3.2 free from the official site  here (for Windows XP/7/8)

How to download firmware files using Navifirm? – Download and run Navifirm in your computer – enter phone’s product code in the space provided (product code is in the form of 0xxxxxx like 0599255 for my Nokia N8) – wait for a while as Navifirm will load firmware files in the extreme right pane – select all files (except the one named “Memory card content” which is optional and can be skipped) by clicking Mark All button or checking boxes manually – now set the path where to download the files and click Download button – Navifirm will start downloading files – wait for the process to complete. You may refer to this post to know how to flash Nokia mobiles using Phoenix software. Or you may also use official Nokia Care Suite software to flash Nokia phones without needing Navifirm (as described in this post). Besides Nokia Software Updater can also be used to flash Nokia phones (especially Lumias) – as described here.

Alternatives to Navifirm – You can also use Nokia Data Package Manager software to download Nokia phone software files as described in this post. Besides some other Navifirm alternative tools and methods are described in this post.


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