New installserver patch v1.7 for ROM Patcher Plus (to Hack Symbian^3/Anna/Belle/Belle FP1 Phones)

Installserver patch that comes built-in with ROM Patcher+ 3.1 does not work in Symbian^3 and newer mobiles. In Symbian hacking by ROM Patcher+, installserver.rmp patch is required to bypass Symbian certificate check allowing installation of unsigned applications. M. Bellino (developer of ROM Patcher) has released new version (1.7) of installserver patch which is reported to work perfectly in all S^3/Anna/Belle/Belle FP1 devices. Until this patch came out, a modded installserver.exe had to placed inside C:/sys/bin folder to disable certificate check in S^3 and later phones. With this new patch it’s no longer required.
However Symbian hacking process is still the same up-to the installation of ROM Patcher+ After that you will have to use the new installserver patch in ROM Patcher (instead of the old one). To do this, follow the steps given below –

After restoration of .ldd files by Norton/Trend Micro app and installation of ROM Patcher+

Download this new installserverv1.7 RP+.rmp file from here and place it inside C:/Patches folder using a third party file manager (like X-plore), as the inbuilt file manager does not show “patches” folder in C:/ (phone memory)

Better delete the old installserver.rmp file already present in the “patches” folder

Exit file manager and launch ROM Patcher. Apply the new installserver patch by selecting it (better make it “Add to auto” via Options). Done! now you should be able to install any unsigned app in your phone. However if you still experience any certificate error then refer to older hacking methods.

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