Opera Mobile updated to the new Opera Browser (version 14) for Android

Yesterday Opera team released a major update (version 14) of Opera Mobile browser for Android. The new Opera Browser is a completely redesigned and overhauled avatar of its older sibling – the Opera Mobile. Opera has dropped version number 13, directly skipping to 14 from 12.5 (the last version of Opera Mobile). With this release Opera has accepted the fact that the distinction between desktop and mobile devices is getting blurry by the day. With Quad-core CPUs, RAM in GBs, big 1080p displays, Android smartphones are giving tough competition to their bigger-counterparts (desktops/netbooks). Like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (for Android), Opera also renamed “Opera Mobile” to just “Opera Browser”. Opera claims it to be faster, slicker and less power consuming than older version. Following are some of the new features of Opera Browser –


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