Nokia blocks unauthorized access to its mobile firmware servers – Navifirm not working anymore

Update (December 2014) – With the new update of version 3.0 Navifirm is working fine now but with a catch – it is a “freemium” software now. Refer to this post to know how to use the new version of Navifirm Plus

Bad news for Nokia fans and firmware cookers! Nokia finally closed its phone firmware repository doors to the general public this past week. Now only authorized Nokia personnel will have full access to all firmware files via valid login. Which means Navifirm is useless now. If you do not know – Navifirm is a wonderful software which provided users full access to official Nokia mobile-firmware servers enlisting all available software versions (product codes, releases, variants and related files of Symbian, S40, Windows Phone models) and the option to download any firmware file. Thus It has always been a must have tool for mobile flashing and firmware modding. Besides Navifirm used to enlist the product codes of upcoming mobiles and the soon-to-be-released firmware updates before their official announcement, thus making it the popular Nokia leak-channel.

After Nokia blocked the firmware-server access, Navifirm is giving following error (while trying to connect to Nokia servers) –


Navifirm error

“Service specific exception”

Alas! Good bye Navifirm, you rocked!
However everything is not bleak folks! you can still access and download your phone’s software (only the latest version available) via this new method without requiring login. Besides there are other means and places too (described in this post) which will help you to get any desired Nokia phone firmware.


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