Nokia Care Suite 5 – Nokia Mobilephone Firmware Flashing/Repairing Software

Like Phoenix Service Software, Nokia Care Suite is another official software (for Windows PC) to solve firmware related issues of Nokia mobiles. NCS is a very useful multi-utility application from Nokia basically meant to be used at Nokia service centers. But thanks to internet its now available for everyone and not just Nokia technical personnel. As is the case with any service/flashing software (Phoenix, JAF etc), you must be well versed in using Nokia Care Suite before doing anything with your mobile. Such softwares are not intended to be used by general mobile user without any prior knowledge of flashing. So if you are going to use Nokia Care Suite first time then better go through a good tutorial multiple times before actually jumping into real action. I am saying this because a simple mistake may brick your mobile for good so do not blame me if something goes wrong due to any negligence.

Uses of Nokia Care Suite
Nokia Care Suite –

1. Can download original firmware (operating system software) files for almost all Nokia phones

2. Shows detailed info about the connected phone (Software version, IMEI, hardware info, product code, MCU version, production code and serial number, Bluetooth and MAC address, APE variant, network band details etc)

3. Test the connected phone’s various parameters (ambient light sensor, display, vibration, audio, keyboard etc)

Nokia Care Suite

Nokia Care Suite

4. Refurbish (flash/re-install/update the OS firmware) any supported Nokia phone

5. Perform software reset on a supported Nokia phone

6. Change language package of a Nokia phone

7. Recover a dead Nokia phone (if dead due to firmware corruption/system file deletion and not due to hardware issues). It is similar to “Dead phone USB flashing” mode of Phoenix/JAF

Installing Nokia Care Suite

A Windows (Vista/7/8) computer is required to install Nokia Care Suite
Download Nokia Care Suite (currently version 5.51.4.x/2012 about 150MB) from here and run the setup
It may ask to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2010 (if you don’t have these already installed) with a link given in the dialog box. Do not press OK, instead copy the link provided and paste it in any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or whichever you use) and press “Enter” (or click go). This will start the download of VC++ setup. Install it and run the Nokia Care Suite setup again and it should finish successfully now.

After installation is complete you can check for the latest version from within the app. Just launch it (right click the Nokia Care Suite icon at desktop and click “Run as Administrator”) and then click “Updates” at the main interface. It will check for any available update (connection to internet required) and notify you to install the new version.

Stay tuned as I will write a tutorial post soon detailing the use of Nokia Care Suite
Meanwhile you may refer to older posts describing the use of two similar softwares (Phoenix Service Software and JAF).

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