[Guide] Using Nokia Data Package Manager to download Nokia phones firmware files

Update (2016) – Unfortunately Microsoft closed down Nokia firmware servers on December 31, 2015 This rendered all Nokia-firmware downloading softwares non-working. Nokia Suite, Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Care Suite, Phoenix Service Software, Nokia Data Package Manager (NDPM), Navifirm, Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) and all such apps are useless now. However there is still one method working which is described here. For latest status and updates of Nokia/Symbian you may refer to this post.

Since Nokia has restricted open access to its phone software servers earlier this year, it is now very difficult for general public to download Nokia firmwares. I have already explained the use of Navifirm Plus to download Nokia phone’s software files. In this post I will describe another easy to use official Nokia software which can access Nokia phone firmware servers and download original software files for you. It is called Nokia Data Package Manager (DPM) and is compatible with Windows only (XP/Vista/7/8).

Download this zip file and extract its contents.

There will be two setup files – Nokia_Data Package Manager and DPM_fix. First install DPM in your computer (do not run it after installation).

Now install DPM_fix


                                   Nokia Data Package Manager

Downloading firmware files using Nokia DPM – To download any Nokia mobile’s firmware files (subject to availability at the Nokia servers) you must know mobile’s product code and product type –

Product code – is a seven figure code consisting of alphabets/numerals starting with a zero (for example my Nokia N8’s product code is 0599255). You can find your phone’s product code either by dialing *#0000# at standby screen or at the white sticker below battery

Product type – is another phone specific code in the format RM-xxx (for example it is RM-596 for Nokia N8). It is also printed at the sticker below battery.

Now launch DPM and at the main interface enter your phone’s product type and product code in the respective boxes and click search button (a fast internet connection is recommended)

Wait for a while as DPM will check Nokia servers (for the phone codes you provided) and display the available software info and file list

Select the desired files (mostly all files are necessary except the content file which is optional) and click Download Selected button. DPM will start downloading software files (in C:/ProgramData/Nokia/Packages folder by default, you can change this location via File/Preferences in DPM).

Once downloaded you can use these firmware files to flash/update/reset the mobile (except very old models, all Nokia phones including S40/Asha/Symbian/Lumia are supported by DPM).

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4 Responses to [Guide] Using Nokia Data Package Manager to download Nokia phones firmware files

  1. Fredo July 2, 2016 at 8:07 PM #

    please will i be able to see the file size before downloading? I mean using nokia data package manager

  2. CC October 9, 2016 at 9:49 PM #

    Tried this today, and the DPM says it can not work in online mode…. no downloads are possible.

    • Shoaib October 10, 2016 at 1:14 PM #

      As I have added an Update note at the starting of this post – NDPM is not working now due to closing down of Nokia firmware repository by Microsoft. Not only NDPM, Nokia Suite, Navifirm and other such software are unable to download any Nokia phone software anymore.

  3. Raja January 23, 2017 at 10:43 AM #

    NOL server does not respond..
    what do,,plz tell me sir

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