Nokia N8 Camera Update available via Beta Labs

As expected, Nokia today released the much awaited camera app update for N8. It’s a pity though that this update is released as a beta app (available via beta labs) – thus it looks like a premature one. As described at the official Nokia Conversation blog – this update brings many improvements (faster UI, continuous autofocus, 30fps video recording?) to the camera app enhancing the overall user experience. Following are the main improvements inbuilt in this update (according to Nokia) –

1. Ability to record video at closer distances (Macro or Close-up mode)
2. Smoother video recording of moving objects or when panning
3. Faster access to scene modes
4. Exposure control in video
5. Viewfinder grid not effected by scene modes or camera exit/reopening
6. Smoother zoom
7. Settings accessible via single option (control point)
8. Improvement in Red-eye reduction function


However, the 30fps video recording option is not working (as earlier announced) and Nokia accepted this via an update entry at Beta Labs. This update has been released for N8 with Symbian Anna so update your phone’s firmware to Anna (released recently), if you have not still before installing it. You can download and install the updated camera app from Nokia Beta Labs (Login required). Also don’t forget to restart the phone after update installation.

Update (23rd August 2011) – Nokia again updated the Camera app today with bug fixes enabling 30fps video recording.

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