Yesterday, Nokia released the first software (firmware) update (PR1.1 – v20.2011.40-4) for Nokia N9 (perhaps the last? MeeGo smartphone from Nokia). However the update is currently available in some regions (read European countries) of the world. For example Finland (where else?), UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Poland are confirmed to get the update right now. This update is shown as SW version 20.2011.40-4 under MeeGo updates. However a quick check in Navifirm today did not show any update available for N9.
This update has been confirmed officially at a Nokia USA page (by a Nokia employee nicknamed skyee) where it is also mentioned that this update has been published in “Waves”. I am quoting the original post here –

“Just to inform you that we have now started to publish PR1.1 update for N9 (software update version number 20.2011.40-4). The updates are published in waves and your phone will display a notification once it’s available for you”
Following new features have been confirmed officially in the new update –


Smoother and faster UI (faster app start, photo loading and gallery browsing)

Multimedia (Music play) controls on the lock screen too

Color filters/effects (Black&white, sepia, vivid, negative, solarize) added in picture/video shooting mode

Instant NFC tag reading for fast interaction with NFC tags

Swiping-down to easily close/exit apps is now ON by default

More powerful and improved multitasking and more efficient memory handling

Improved noise cancellation to enhance the voice clarity during calls

New indicator icons for standby screen functions like charging and calendar

Swype support added
Plus many more

To know whether the update (PR1.1 – v20.2011.40-4) it is available for your N9, check at “Menu/Applications/Updates” in your phone. If it does not show any update available then choosing “Refresh” will load all the available updates including the FW update under title “MeeGo updates”.

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