Nokia Ovi Browser rebranded to Xpress Browser for Nokia Asha/S40 Phones

Update (December 2017) – Unfortunately the Xpress Browser described in this old post has been replaced by Opera Mini browser. It was pushed along with a software update in supported Nokia mobiles. As a result all S40/ASHA phones are running Opera Mini now as default web browser.

Old Post (March 2013)
Nokia redesigned and updated its proxy-server based mobile web browser (formerly Nokia Ovi browser for S40/Asha phones) recently. Besides features update, Nokia also gave it a more attractive name – Nokia Xpress Browser. This is the second time Nokia has changed the name of its feature phone browser during the last two years (earlier it was changed from “Ovi Browser” to “Nokia Browser” as a part of Ovi de-branding strategy).

Similar to its predecessor (and Opera Mini), Nokia Xpress Browser uses a proxy server to compress and reformat webpages before fetching them to the phone. This server side compression technique offer two major benefits for end-user –

Reduction in data transfers by upto 90% (as claimed by Nokia) which is useful for peoples on limited data plans

All websites (especially those which are designed for desktops) are reformatted to be properly displayed on smaller, low-res mobile screens

In Nokia’s own words
Less is definitely more with Nokia Xpress Browser. It compresses web pages and reduces data downloads by up to 90 per cent, which means that you could save up to 90 per cent on your costs as well. Why wait for Wi-Fi hotspots? Nokia Xpress Browser allows you to stay connected all the time, so you can surf more, socialize more and work more – all for the same price. And our Data Counter app helps you to stay in control of your costs by showing you how much data you’ve used.

Nokia Xpress Browser

Nokia Xpress Browser

Other features of Nokia Xpress Browser are

Faster page loading – according to Nokia it is 3 times faster than other mobile web browsers thus saving time on internet surfing and social networking updates

Optimized for less battery usage – Nokia Xpress Browser consumes less power than other comparable mobile web browsers

Nokia Xpress Browser is capable of streaming YouTube and VuClip videos on basic S40 phones, moreover you can also share video links over social networks instantly

Xpress Browser also supports web apps (like BBC app, Yahoo app and many others available free at Nokia Store) to enhance the functionality of S40/Asha phones

Xpress Browser is available in 87 languages with customized homepages having local content specifically available for over 40 countries.

Xpress Browser comes pre-installed in all new Nokia Asha phones (Asha 2xx and 3xx series). However if you have an older S40 phone with the old browser then update right away – go to (update – this link is not working now) via your phone’s inbuilt web browser/UC Browser or install from Nokia Store. You can also have it from here (both JAD and JAR files compressed in a zip file). Unfortunately Nokia Xpress browser does not install/work in Symbian S60 phones.

Besides S40, a Nokia Lumia (710, 800, 810, 820, 900, 920) specific version of Xpress Browser is also available at WP Marketplace.


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