Nokia Suite updated to last working version 3.8.54

Nokia Suite Last Working Update (version 3.8.54)

Update (March 3, 2016) – Nokia Store got it’s last working update (version 3.8.54) in March 2016. Actually it was stripped of many features via this update – Nokia account login support & access to Nokia phone firmwares has been removed. Thus Nokia Store is nothing more than a crappy piece of software now.

Update (6th Jan. 2013) – Nokia Suite has been updated to version 3.7.22 today with Windows 8 support as the major change-log. Another new feature include sync support with Microsoft Office 2013, rest are bug-fixes and some under-the-hood improvements.

October 2012 – Nokia recently rolled out Nokia Suite update version 3.6.36 with support for Microsoft SkyDrive, Nokia Lumia Phones (copy contacts, photos etc to and from PC via SkyDrive) and some bug fixes. New features in version 3.6.36 (as per official change-log) are –

Copy your contacts, calendar and photos to a Nokia Lumia Phone

Nokia Suite now supports uploading of contacts, calendar and photos to Microsoft SkyDrive

First upload your content to Microsoft SkyDrive

Then download them to your Nokia Lumia Phone

Nokia Suite v3.6.36

How to update Nokia Suite?

To update your Nokia Suite installation, just launch it in PC (internet connectivity required) – wait for a while as the update notification appears. If there is no update prompt then check for it manually via “Tools – Software updates”. Alternatively you can download latest Nokia Suite setup from here or here (for Windows XP or later).

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