Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool to flash Nokia Mobile phones (Asha, S40, Symbian)

Update (Oct. 2016) – Microsoft has closed down all Nokia sites and download servers now. Thus all Nokia firmware downloader softwares like Navifirm, Nokia Data Package Manager (NDPM), Nokia Care Suite (NCS), Nokia Suite etc are not working anymore. However you may still use softwares like NCS, Nokia Suite and Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) in Offline Mode to flash Nokia phones only if you already have phone’s firmware files (downloaded earlier or from other locations).

There are quite a few tools available out there to solve corrupt firmware (OS software) related issues of Nokia mobiles. I have already described use of Nokia Software Updater and Nokia Care Suite to recover a bricked Nokia device by firmware flashing. Recently Nokia released yet another phone firmware service tool called NSRT (Nokia Software Recovery Tool) for general public. As the name suggests, Nokia Software Recovery Tool can be used by even novice users to flash, reset, update Nokia phones at home. From the content of NSRT description page, it looks like that Nokia wants to decrease the workload of their over-burdened Nokia Care Centers. When under warranty, Nokia phone owners turn up to Service centers even for trivial issues which can be easily solved at home. Thus Nokia wants users to try this tool before going to Nokia Care – as this will solve all but the most complicated software issues.

Using NSRT to flash a Nokia mobile – While using NSRT, I noticed that it is almost identical to Nokia Software Updater in appearance and working – perhaps Nokia has re-branded NSU with some under the hood improvements.

How NSRT works? – In simple words NSRT first downloads newest phones software files from Nokia firmware servers then it wipes phones memory and then re-install the downloaded firmware onto the phone – this last process is called “flashing”. Any Nokia phone (Symbian S40, Asha other than Lumia), dead or in working condition can be flashed via NSRT. It’s pretty simple to use NSRT; all you need is a Windows computer and phone’s USB data cable. Download NSRT from here and install in your computer (compatible with Windows 7 or later) – during installation NSRT will also download and install some required components.

WARNING – Before jumping into action, beware of the fact that phone flashing is not a fun and casual process intended for novices thus you must be knowing exactly what you are doing and follow the instructions very carefully
Phone battery must be charged to at least 3/4th of the full, however if the phone is dead and you do not know the battery charging status then do not use the phone charger/Wireless charger to charge the phone as it may heat up the battery and damage it, instead use a low-power USB data cable charging via computer
Dead phone flashing/recovery process will delete everything in phone memory so take a backup of your data if possible
Be patient and DO NOT touch or disconnect USB data cable before the whole process finishes as interruption in flashing may render your phone irreparable.
As this process takes quite some time, make sure that your computer is not set to go into standby/sleep mode when left unattended for long period as it will interrupt the flashing process.

Ready to go? – follow the steps given below

1. After installation, launch NSRT – you must be online to use it (a fast internet connection is recommended)

2. Now there are two scenarios

A. If you have a normally working phone – just connect it with computer using USB data cable and wait for a while (computer may install device drivers if you have connected the phone for the very first time) – NSRT will detect the device and check for the latest available software for it online – after some time NSRT will show you the latest phone software details as shown below

Nokia Software Recovery Tool

Nokia Software Recovery Tool

Now click “Install” button – follow the steps and agree to the terms – wait as NSRT will download firmware files (download time depends upon phone model and your internet connection speed) – after download finishes NSRT will start flashing the phone and will notify you when successfully done!

B. Dead/bricked phone flashing – if your phone is not working properly (only vibrates at boot/ stuck at Nokia logo/ completely dead/ in restart loop due to whatever reason except hardware issues) then switch it off completely (press and hold power button for 10 seconds or remove and reinsert battery) – now launch NSRT and connect the phone with computer – wait for a while as NSRT detects the phone – rest of the process is same as described in (A) above.

If the phone is not detected still then press phone’s power button for a few seconds until it vibrates and NSRT hopefully detects it.

Note – Nokia Software Recovery Tool should work well for all Nokia phones (Asha, S40 and Symbian). For Lumia and other Windows Phone devices you can use “Windows Device Recovery Tool” for the same purpose.

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  1. Martin March 3, 2014 at 6:52 PM #

    Yay, finally something official which will not void my warranty… at least I hope so.
    But do all Nokia service centers know about it? If this tool also fails to unbrick a device, it might be tricky to explain to Nokia Care service guys that I was using the official Nokia tool and not some leaked service-only software.

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