Nokia Software Recovery Tool updated to version 8.1.25 with B2X as the new publisher

Update (November 2017)NSRT got a minor but mandatory update to version 8.1.25 recently. Other than new version, there is no noticeable change in UI or performance. Change-log says “Minor bug fixes”

NSRT Update 8.1

NSRT (Nokia Software Recovery Tool) gets an update and a new developer

July 10, 2017 – Good news for old Nokia mobile users! Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) just got updated to version 8.0.23 (from the previous version 6.3.56). It is a major and mandatory update which means the older installed version of NSRT will not work (in online mode) until unless updated to the latest version. The update changelog reads –

There is a mandatory application update 8.0.23
This update must be installed and cannot be skipped. The application cannot be used until it is updated.
Publisher change to B2X – new installation & program data paths and remote URLs

NSRT Update 8.0.23NSRT Update 8.0.23

NSRT moves from Microsoft to B2X

Actually Microsoft has outsourced the old Nokia phone software service to a rather unknown company named B2X. So from now on NSRT and Nokia firmware repository will be handled by B2X. It is a welcome move by Microsoft for many consumers who are still using old Nokia mobile phones around the world. Also this step has revived NSRT which stopped working last year after Microsoft closed down Nokia firmware servers.

This version 8.0.23 of NSRT installer is of 18.2 MB in size. New installation path is “C:\Program Files (x86)\B2X Care Suite\Nokia Software Recovery Tool” and the new default download location of firmware files is “C:\ProgramData\B2X\Care Suite\Packages”. The remote download URLs of Nokia phone software files have also changed and only the new NSRT can access them.

What is NSRT?

Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) is a Nokia phone service software. It can be used to fix phone software related issues by flashing the phone with stock firmware files. This way it can easily revive a bricked phone. NSRT is now the only software left which can download Nokia phones firmware files (required to flash the phone). You can read this post to know more about NSRT and how to use it to flash a Nokia phone. Also note that not all Nokia mobiles are supported by NSRT. In fact firmware files of older Nokia phones (basic feature phones and S40 devices launched before 2009) are not available now.

How to update?

If you already have an older version of NSRT installed in your PC then launch it (internet connection required) – NSRT will check for update and notify you about the new version – as it is a mandatory update you won’t be able to use the old version until updated – click “Install” – new installer will be downloaded – older version of NSRT will be removed during installation.

You can also install the new version afresh – download NSRT installer from here and install in your computer (compatible with Windows 7 or later).

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  1. Omet August 10, 2017 at 11:10 AM #

    I have try to install NSRT, but setup failed, 0x80072efd – Unspecified Error.
    please help me to solve it, thanks

  2. Harold Steve October 19, 2017 at 5:58 PM #

    Hi, I tried to install NSRT, but setup failed, 0x80072efd-unspecified Error.
    Please help me to solve it, Thanks

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