Camera Sound Mute Mod – Disable Camera Click/Capture tone in Nokia Symbian Belle Phones

In most countries of the world it is mandatory for all cameras to produce a clicking sound while taking a photo for privacy and security reasons. Mobile cameras are no exception to this rule and therefore no option is built by default in Symbian phones to disable camera clicking sound (sound produced when the physical/on-screen camera button is pressed to take a photo). Usually there are 4 selectable preset sounds under camera app settings which will ring even when all sound alerts are off or silent profile is on. There are situations when this clicking sound is totally undesirable and annoying like while snapping a sleeping baby. So can’t we get rid of this camera sound anyhow? Well, the answer is yes and actually its quite simple! Just follow the simple steps given below –

1. Download camera_sound_mute_mod.sis file from here and install in your phone. It is an unsigned file so the phone must be hacked to install it, refer to this post to hack your phone within minutes.

2. As the name indicates, this mod/hack adds an extra “Off” option under capture tone settings in camera app. So after installing the mod file, launch the camera and go to “Menu/Settings/Capture tone”. Scroll down and select “Off” and done! Enjoy noise free clicking.

I have successfully used this mod in my Nokia N8 and C7 with Belle/Belle Refresh. It should also work fine in Belle FP1 and FP2 (Nokia 603, 700, 701, 808 PureView).

Note – Always respect the privacy of others and follow the rules of the land where you are using the mobile camera to avoid getting into trouble.

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2 Responses to Camera Sound Mute Mod – Disable Camera Click/Capture tone in Nokia Symbian Belle Phones

  1. suhani January 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM #

    sir, is this safe enough to use….since its an unsigned file….all our data in the cell phone will be hacked and available for others to use…. thats why am in two minds to use it…? kindly guide

    • Shoaib Siddiqui January 22, 2013 at 11:17 AM #

      Absolutely safe dear! rest assured. Unsigned file does not mean that its a malware/virus, it modifies system files to mute camera sound thats it. None of your phone data will be hacked or available to others I assure you so do not worry.

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