Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition and other New Nokia ringtones

Did you know that the familiar Nokia tune that rings billion of times around the globe has a whole lot of history and facts attached with it –
The Nokia Tune (classically known as the “Grande Valse”) was originally composed in 1902 by Spanish classical guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega. However it took over 90 years to make its debut in a mobile phone (Nokia 2110) in 1994. Incidentally it was also the first musical ringtone on a mobile phone and is still heard worldwide an estimated 1.6 billion times a day.
Nokia recently conducted a competition to “Re-invent” its iconic ringtone and thousands of contestants played around with the Grande Valse to come up with some great numbers.
Here are the tunes of the winners for you (all are variations of original Nokia ringtone) –

1. Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition – This is the winning entry ($10,000) composed by an Italian DJ, Valerio Alessandro. It will ship with over 1 million Nokia phones along with the default tune. Listen and download

2. Nokia_New_Generation – First runner up entry. It’s a completely different (than “Dubstep”), a reassuring, acoustic guitar version of Nokia tune. Listen and download

3. Nokia_Cappella – Second runner up ringtone. Listen and download

4. Nokya_In_The_Sky – Third runner up, a smooth, jazzy number, energetic still romantic and light. Listen and download

5. Nokiorchestra – Fourth runner up, sounds like the composer has managed to include a full symphony inside 30 seconds – impressive! Listen and download

6. Progressive_Nokia – Fifth runner up, composed by a Music Student from Lancashire University. Listen and download

All the five runner-ups won $1000 each. Other notable entries of the contest were include “The Great Marvelous” and the “Akira Complex”.
So which one did you like?

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