How to Open, Unpack/Extract and Edit a sis/sisx file? – Some sis explorer/editor Softwares

Sis/sisx files (short for Symbian Installation Script) are Symbian specific “self-extracting archives” which contain “to be installed” application files and a script that tells the Symbian installer the exact location where these files are to be copied in the phone. Ever wondered how to view the contents of a sis file? Well, there are quite a few softwares out there (for Windows) to help you in this matter. You may call them sis viewer, unpacker, editor, explorer or extractor. Here I will describe five such softwares for Windows which are relatively easy to use –

SIS Contents (

SISXplorer (

SIS Ware (

KVT Symbian Installer (

YAMGui Plus (download)

With these apps, it’s very simple to view the contents of any sis/sisx file – just run the application – click File/Open – select the sis/sisx file you want to view and the software will open it. You can also extract the contents of the file to a specified location (in computer) if required. This may be helpful in case you want to see the location of files of an installed app, for example if you want to uninstall an app but it’s not getting uninstalled by “Application Manager” or is not showing in “Application manager” then you can also remove it manually by deleting all its files from the phone. For this you must know the exact location of all files of the app (which you can easily see by opening the sis file via any sis explorer software described above). Besides there are many other things you can do with these apps e.g. viewing and editing theme files (mif and mbm), sign and unsign sis files, show signing status and extract certificate from files, edit and rebuild sis files etc.

SIS Contents

SIS Contents GUI

Out of all the five softwares listed above, SIS Contents is the best in my opinion because of many reasons –
It is still being updated regularly (while the others are not) while others are ‘’end-of-life” now
It can even open/edit DM (sis files downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store)
It can also save pkg script file embedded in a sis/sisx file
Its very simple to edit and save any sis file using SIS Contents with a minimalistic interface

Other softwares can also open and extract sis files but are not as easy to use. Try which one you like. For any problem feel free to leave a comment.

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