Here are some secret commands/URLs/cheat codes (or whatever you may call them) which execute certain functions in Opera Mini 4.1 and 4.2 (May or may not work in other versions). I don’t know whether these URLs are bugs or are normal functions built into Mini by developers (If it is so then why there is no official description of these in Mini’s feature list or shortcuts) but what I know is that they work. Here goes the list (Enter the code in URL bar/Enter Address and press Go to):

o:, (Alphabetic “O” then “:” then ,) – Opens the page “To add a search engine” to the list of already present

o:. – Opens a blank screen showing options Yes and No. Press Yes to search text in the web page (The “Find in Page” function).

o:/ – Opens the page “To add a search engine”

o:! – Opens the page of “To clear cookies”

o:$ – Shows the page “Failed to connect to the internet”

o:~ – Shows blank screen with yes/no option.

o:d – Opens the page to “Add a bookmark”

o:h – Opens the page of “About Opera”

o:m – Opens the page of “Search engines” to manage (edit/delete/add)

o:- Hangs Opera Mini

All other possible combinations (like o:a or o:1) either show a blank screen or hangs the app). Strangely the above codes do not work in Opera Mini 5 or 3. What do you think about these?

For universal Opera Mini codes you may read the post “Some advanced Opera Mini Secret commands and settings”.

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