Say goodbye to Nokia Xpress Browser together with 2015 – Opera Mini replaces it

Microsoft to discontinue cloud based Nokia Xpress Browser in late 2015
After Symbian OS, Nokia Store, Skype and many more, time has come to say good bye to another Nokia related service – the Xpress Browser. Nokia Xpress Browser was the default web browser app in all older (Series 40/ S30) and newer Asha Nokia phones. Earlier it usually came pre-installed with Nokia feature phones. Later on Nokia made it available at the Nokia (Ovi) Store too. Just like Opera Mini, Xpress Browser also used a proxy server to optimize and render web pages for tiny mobile screens. This saved a lot of data for mobile users. There are still millions of old Nokia phones (and Asha phones) in use especially in developing countries. Unfortunately after acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, the future of older Nokia devices and services became uncertain. From day one of taking over Nokia, Microsoft started the destruction of the Finnish company. Symbian, Nokia Store, Skype and other apps were discontinued one by one. Microsoft was reluctant to continue with most of the Nokia services and thus it is clear that they purchased Nokia to decimate it.

Nokia Xpress Browser stops working

Now its turn of Nokia Xpress browser to go. Microsoft announced a partnership with Opera (the famous web browser developer company) in August 2014 which included an agreement to replace Nokia Store (app store) with Opera App store and Xpress Browser with Opera Mini in older Nokia phones. Following this agreement Microsoft started to push the Opera Mini browser as an update in Nokia feature phones starting January 2015. Xpress Browser was also pulled from Nokia Store in January. Most Asha and other S40/S30/S30+ phone users have already got the notification to replace Xpress Browser with Opera Mini. Microsoft has clearly stated at a support page that Xpress Browser will no longer work from late 2015 (as it is cloud based the server will not respond anymore). So if you have a Nokia S40/Asha/S30 phone and still using Nokia Xpress browser for internet surfing then better switch to Opera Mini now and get used to it as soon as possible. By the way Opera Mini is far better than Xpress Browser in terms of features and performance.


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