Download Original Symbian^3 Nokia Ringtone for Belle Phones

Since the official release of Nokia Belle update for older Symbian^3 phones, millions of phones have been updated. Belle is definitely a major overhaul of Symbian OS, from core to cover almost everything has been modified. When I updated my N8 to Belle, I was surprised to find that Nokia has also changed the eternal boot screen (black instead of white, no connecting-hand logo), trademark startup tone and even default Nokia ringtone. Nokia has replaced these historical tones with their remixed and electric/robotic versions (which are the winning entries of Nokia tune competition held last year). Some might like the new avatars of traditional Nokia tones while many find them as plain rubbish.

Personally I do not like the new edition too. I don’t know why but one reason is perhaps that it is hardly audible in noisy places (due to its lower loudness than original tune). So if you are the one that just do not like the new Nokia ringtone and want the old one back then here you go, I have uploaded the original Nokia tune (from Symbian^3/Anna) just for you. Download it and place anywhere in phone (preferably in C:/data/sounds/digital or E:/sounds) and done! Now you can set it as ringtone (via Profiles) in place of the new one.


Download the original Nokia ringtone (in .aac format) from here.

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