[Guide] How to flash/update/reset a Nokia Lumia (or other Nokia) phones using Lumia Software Recovery Tool?

Lumia Software Recovery Tool (LSRT) is an official mobile service software by Microsoft. Actually LSRT is not a brand-new application, Microsoft merged two similar old Nokia softwares (namely Nokia Software Updater (NSU) and Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) into a single one and named it LSRT. Despite the name change LSRT essentially serves the same […]

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Nokia Software Updater (NSU) and NSRT updated to Lumia Software Recovery Tool

Throughout 2014, Microsoft continued to work on its re-branding strategy of Nokia related devices/services. Nokia service softwares were also affected by this change – Microsoft recently merged two similar Nokia applications into a single computer software. NSU (Nokia Software Updater for Retail) and Nokia Software Recovery Tool were almost similar in function – used for […]

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[Guide] How to use Navifirm Plus to download Nokia phones firmware files?

Using Navifirm Plus to download Nokia firmware files Back in the golden days of Nokia it was pretty easy to get Nokia phone’s firmware files but things are different now. Nokia has been decimated by Microsoft and everything related to Nokia is behaving weirdly these days including their software download servers. Nokia had already closed […]

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