(How to) Play Flappy Bird game in computer and some FlappyBird alternative Apps

Now that the stupidly-simple yet highly-frustrating game Flappy Bird has gone from PlayStore/App Store, what are the alternative options available for you now? If you are wondering what the hell this “Flappy Bird” is, then probably you were not connected to mobile-world for at least last two weeks. Flappy Bird was an extremely basic, retro-style mobile game (with 8 bit Mario style graphics and no settings whatsoever) from an unknown developer. The gameplay – all you have to do is to navigate a little bird (which looks similar to flying turtles of Mario) through a series of again Mario-style pipes by repeatedly tapping the screen – but you have to keep it in air as you are slapped with a “Game over” if the bird touches a pipe or ground. Flappy Bird hit the Apple app store May last year and topped the charts for a long time. Then it came to Android earlier this month and within a week hit the top spot – suddenly becoming a la-Angry Bird phenomenon. Experts are really puzzled by the huge success of this annoying game as theoretically it does not have anything extraordinary or new. By reviews and user-opinions on various forums it is clear that players actually get frustrated very soon playing Flappy Bird, yet most find it highly addictive and challenging. After taking it down, its developer Dong Nguyen said in an interview –

“Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed… But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever.”

Anyway, if you are missing the game, I have compiled a list of some alternatives to help you out in the post-FlappyBird era –

Flappy Bird_alternative

Clumsy Bird

1. For obvious reasons, many Flappy Bird look-alike apps have mushroomed at Play Store. Here are two such apps –

Flappy Flying – It’s a better looking clone of Flappy Bird with some added features. Gameplay is identical

Clumsy Bird – It is graphically far better looking than Flappy Bird but the gameplay is similar – tap to flap the ugly bird through a series of cut-tree stems without touching anything.

Flappy Fish (for Windows Phone only) – A fish replaces the bird in this game

Flappy Bee (Apple app store and Android) – Another clone with a bee replacing the bird

There are many more and all look almost similar – funny as it may sound, the game devs want to cash in on the demise of Flappy Bird by flying all sort of animals including pigs!

2. Play Flappy Bird in a web browser (at computer or phone) – yes, now you can also play Flappy Bird in any web browser supporting HTML5 (which all modern browsers do). Just go to this link and start playing right away

3. Now the last option – Just download and install the apk file of Flappy Bird in your Android phone. As it has gone from PlayStore but you can still get its apk file online – there are so many sites freely sharing apk files, just Google “flappy bird apk free download”. But remember, do not download and install any apk file from a suspicious source as it may contain malware/virus.


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