Official English version of QQ Mobile Browser for Symbian, Java and Android available for Download

Tencent recently updated the official English version of QQ, their popular Chinese mobile browser. Before this official release, many English-translated copies of QQ Browser were available in the wild (which are buggy and almost useless). In contrast to Chinese version, QQ international is programmed to utilize English servers based in Hong Kong and thus the default search engine is Looks and function wise it resembles UC Browser with some minor differences. Being an initial release, it is buggy and feels unpolished. English translation of options/settings/about-page from native Chinese version is “terrible” (and somewhat funny) to say the least.

At the home page there are links of popular sites in a Opera like “Grid structure” with 24 “editable” grids in all. In this version, some basic features/settings are missing (No “User agent” switching option,

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