[Newbie tips] How to read Medical PDF/CHM eBooks in Android phones?

This post might sound ridiculous to experienced phone users but I am sure many of our readers will benefit from this basic tutorial. Lets face it, more than 70 percent smartphone users do not know how to get the best out of their device. They are simply unaware of the full potential of this powerful gadget. This post is intended to help such users. Here is a basic step by step process to use an Android phone/tablet for reading ebooks of various formats. I selected Medicine as the subject because phone-users of this subject are usually not very tech-savvy (in comparison to peoples related to engineering and other technical subjects). However basic steps of this guide applies to all ebooks –

To read ebooks in an Android phone you will require two basic things –

Ebook files – simply put an ebook is the electronic version of paper book
Ebook reader app – An application which is able to decode the ebook file and show its contents on phone’s screen.

1. Ebooks – Ebooks have now become hugely popular mainly because of their portability – one can carry hundreds or thousands of ebooks in many different devices (mobilephones, tablets, laptops, ebook-readers) to read them anywhere on-the-go. In other words you have your entire bookshelf in your pocket. Most of the reputed medical (and other technical subjects) text books are paid and are too costly to afford. However electronic forms (cracked/ripped full version ebooks) of these texts are easily available online thanks to various file sharing sites. There are countless websites which provide ebook download links from various file sharing sites (mediafire, hotfile, 4shared) – just type “medical ebooks free download” in Google search and go to search results – many blogs give working download links for all the popular medical texts for example –

Besides there are those (in)famous torrent sites, always at your disposal to download anything and everything (to get a torrent link, just type book’s name+torrent in Google search). For example if you want to get torrent download link for Davidson’s Medicine then search Google with text Davidson’s Medicine ebook+torrent – in the search results click on any of the torrent indexing sites like torrentz.eu etc – find a torrent link of good health (means there should be active seeders for the torrent otherwise you will not be able to download it) – a torrent client like uTorrent is required to download any file from a torrent link.

So, now that you have the desired ebook (or a huge collection of them) in your computer, its time to copy these to your phone – it is recommended to create a folder named “ebooks” in the root of your memory card/internal memory and then copy all ebook files into this folder.

Super CHM

Super CHM

2. Ebook reader apps – now install following apps in your phone –

Most (especially ripped) medical ebooks are in either PDF or CHM (compiled HTML) format so we need a good CHM reader and a powerful PDF reader app for Android. Polaris Office and other inbuilt Office/PDF suite apps in Android phones are not good enough to provide a satisfactory reading experience. This is partly because of the fact that many ebooks are of very large size (30-100MB) which prove too hot to handle for these apps (frequent crashes, hanged phone, sloppy text-reflow etc). Fortunately there are many other good apps for the purpose out there.

OfficeSuite (from Mobile Systems) and Adobe Reader are two of the best PDF reader apps for Android.

SuperCHM (for CHM ebooks) is a very good CHM reader app. It smoothly handles even large sized CHM files. You can download these apps free from Google Play Store. Once installed, launch Office Suite, it will scan phone’s memory for supported files and then list them at the main interface from where you can open any of the ebooks. SuperCHM also works similarly.

Note – Big ebooks require considerable processing power and RAM for decoding/rendering and text reflow. So for a smooth ebook reading experience you should have an Android phone with at least mid-range specs (quad-core CPU, 2 GB RAM is recommended). You may refer to this post to know more about 15 Symbian ebook reader apps.

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5 Responses to [Newbie tips] How to read Medical PDF/CHM eBooks in Android phones?

  1. sachi bang December 22, 2015 at 6:14 PM #

    I had superchm earlier but it stopped functioning properly. Now I cannot find it in the play store.

    • Roohi December 24, 2015 at 12:19 AM #

      SuperCHM is still at PlayStore here


      • Sachi Bang December 24, 2015 at 1:07 AM #


        • Roohi December 24, 2015 at 1:45 PM #

          You are welcome 🙂
          Actually due to silly Google policies all apps are not available everywhere. For example if you search for SuperCHM at Play Store in certain countries it will not be shown in search results. In such case you will have to use a proxy server (via VPN) to access blocked content in your country.

  2. SABAH June 19, 2016 at 11:53 AM #

    before lollipop version the search function used to search only given chapter i.e if i needed to see dysplasia in a patricular chapter it was show results in that chapter, which made it easy to browse through large books but after lollipop search function directly redirects to web search.
    any solutions??

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