Recording Screen Video of a Symbian S60 Phone Using Mobiola Web Camera3 App

In a previous post I have described the same procedure using Remote S60 Professional. Unfortunately RS60 Pro is a buggy app which does not work smoothly in most Symbian phones, some known issues include – captures screen activity with blank/black background, video size is huge (30-seconds video of over 80MB size) etc. Furthermore Mobileways has stopped development of RS60 Pro. Considering all these glitches, Remote S60 is mostly useless and a frustrating experience for the task.

While searching for a good Remote S60 Pro alternative, I found Mobiola Web Camera for S60 application. As the name indicates it’s primarily a Web Camera app which allows you to use your Symbian phone’s camera as a Web cam for PC (Windows). However Mobiola Web Camera also has an option to take screenshots of phone’s screen or record screen activity into a video (WMV format). I tried it on my N8 and N95 and it works smoothly – far better than Remote Pro. Recorded video quality is not great though (even at highest setting) but this translates into smaller size videos (around 3MB for a 2 Minutes video).

Mobiola_Web_Camera for S60

Phone can be connected to PC via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB data cable. So to record phone’s screens activity video – install the Mobiola Web Camera for S60 software in PC and its counterpart sis file in phone. Launch Mobiola Web Camera in PC and connect the phone to PC preferably via data cable (select Nokia/Ovi Suite mode). Run WebCam3 app in phone and select “Screen” tab at the top right corner, now go to Options/Connect/USB. Phone screen will start appearing in PC, press phones menu button to get the app running in the background. Now you can start recording phone screen video by clicking “Recording” button in PC. Video will be captured in WMV format and stored in computer.
The good thing about Mobiola WebCam is that its compatible with all Symbian versions (S60v3 onwards including latest Anna/Belle phones). Download from here.

Note – If Mobiola Webcam3 software does not work in Windows7/Vista then run it in compatibility mode (WindowsXP SP3 mode).

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