(How to) Trick to generate Reliance-Jio Preview offer code in any Android phone

Trick to get Relaince-Jio Unlimited 4G Preview offer Code in any Android phone
It may sound bizarre to developed world but the truth is that 4G-LTE mobile networks are still in their infancy in India. Reliance-Jio 4G services pre-launch offer is making waves in India these days. Everyone in India knows now, Reliance-Jio is offering unlimited 4G data/Voice calls/SMS for 3 months as a preview offer before the commercial launch of the service on September 5. As it is a limited-time preview offer, it has certain conditions attached – you must have a 4G and VoLTE supporting phone model and it must also be there in the official list of supported handsets available at the Relaince-Jio website (although more and more phone models are being added on a daily basis). Initially the offer was limited to Reliance’ very own “Lyf” phones only. Later on it was extended to many different phones of other manufacturers also. So what if you do not have a supported phone? Well don’t lose heart, here is a workaround for you to avail this amazing offer.

How to generate Jio Preview offer code and get Jio SIM for any Android phone

Thanks to the ever bubbling online community a simple method popped up recently to bypass restrictions of the Jio offer. Here is the still-working trick to easily get a Reliance-Jio preview offer SIM via any Android phone (and by “any” I mean “any” be it 4G, 3G or 2G)

This trick utilizes a bug in the older version of My Jio app which allows anyone to generate a preview code. After much hype Reliance fixed the bug in the recent app update. So to start with, you have to download old version of MyJio app (apk file) from here. Install it in your phone. Note that the new version of MyJio available at the Play Store will not work as it does not have the bug.

Jio preview offer code trick

Launch My Jio app and install all the Jio apps – it is an essential step. You can’t go further until you install all the Jio apps.

When finished installing Jio apps, exit My Jio app (and other Jio apps if they are open) and turn off internet (data and/or WiFi) in the phone

Now again launch My Jio app (mobile data/WiFi must be off in the phone)

Tap “Open” besides the “MyJio” – it will proceed to the next screen with “Get Gio Sim” option

Now connect to internet by turning ON mobile data/WiFi and tap “Get Gio Sim” button. Fill in the details, follow the steps and you will get your Gio Prview Offer code (along with the bar code).

Now all you have to do is go to the nearest Reliance Store and show them this Offer code and they will give you the free Gio Preview SIM. We have used this trick to generate Jio offer codes in many different phones like OnePlus 2, UMi Iron Pro, Lenovo Vibe K4 Note, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus G etc.

Note – according to some readers Reliance store officials asked them to show the phone (or give it’s details) for which the preview offer was generated and refused to issue the SIM if phone details were not furnished. It may not happen everywhere but if it does with you then go to a local mobile recharge/SIM seller and give him the preview offer code to get the Gio SIM. He may ask 100-200 bucks for it, but believe me it’s worth way more than this.

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