[How to] Remove Call Recording Tone/Beep Sound in Symbian Belle Phones using ROM Patcher

While recording a voice call (in mobilephone), normally a beep sound is produced at regular intervals. This beep is heard by callers at both ends as an indication that the call is being recorded. By default there is no option in the phone to disable this beep for obvious reasons. However the good news is that we can hack any Symbian Belle phone to remove this beep sound during recording. Here is how –

1. Your phone must be hacked with ROM Patcher installed to apply this hack. Do not worry if it is not as you can hack the phone within minutes (as described in this post)

2. Download this ROMPatcher patch file (remove_rectone.rmp)

3. Place this file inside C:/Patches folder via X-plore (as this folder is not visible in default file manager). As “patches” folder is a hidden/system folder make sure to enable “show hidden/system files” option in X-plore to see it. Still if you don’t find the Patches folder in C drive then look for it in E or F drive (wherever ROM Patcher was installed during hacking). You may refer to this post to know how to use X-plore to copy paste any file.

4. After placing the patch file inside correct folder exit X-plore and launch ROM Patcher from phone’s menu. There will be a remove_rectone.rmp patch in the list, select it to enable it (patch will go green), exit ROM Patcher and done! The annoying beep is gone (as long as the patch is enabled in ROM Patcher).

I have successfully tested this hack in my Nokia N8 (running Belle Refresh) but it should work fine in all Symbian Belle/Refresh/FP1/FP2 phones (Nokia 500, 603, 701, 808PV, C7, E7, X7, E6).

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2 Responses to [How to] Remove Call Recording Tone/Beep Sound in Symbian Belle Phones using ROM Patcher

  1. Rahul June 21, 2014 at 12:26 PM #

    Thank mate. excellent stuff. got fed up of the beep sound. this works great. no more irritating beep sound.

  2. jil April 22, 2015 at 3:56 PM #

    awesome work..realy helpfull..thanks a lot

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