[How to] Remove password-protection/encryption of PDF files using PDF unlocker softwares

How to crack/byepass/unlock password of a PDF files?
PDF files are ubiquitous and are one of the most popular digital ebook/document format worldwide. Many times we encounter password-protected/encrypted PDF file which require a password before it can be used. It’s really annoying indeed, more so when we forget our own files password. Consider a scenario when you urgently need to view a PDF file and it refuses to open without a password! Helpless? Do not worry, read on for the simple solution.

A PDF password remover (also known as a PDF unlocker, PDF password cracker, password reset, or password recovery tool) is a software which can find out, remove and/or bypass the security/encryption of a password-protected PDF file. Note however that password recovery (to find out the password of PDF file) is way more difficult than removing or bypassing it. There are quite a few PDF password remover softwares available out there which can decrypt/unlock most PDF documents. Here I am describing some of them (which are freeware and can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/8) –

1. BeCyPDF MetaEdit – It’s a very small but useful tool to edit PDF file’s meta data (hidden data like author, viewer preferences etc, embedded in a PDF document). Besides regular functions it can also be used to remove password protection of a protected PDF file. Here is how you can use BeCyPDF MetaEdit to do it –

Download BeCyPDF MetaEdit from here (you can either download it’s installer to install in Windows or download a standalone exe which can be used without installation)

After installation launch BC MetaEdit – browse and select the PDF file you want to get unlocked – before opening the file, change the “Mode” to “Complete Rewrite” at the “Open” window (as shown below) – now click “Open”

BeCyPDF MetaEdit

BeCyPDF MetaEdit

Pdf MetaEdit will show various options as shown below – click the “Security” tab – under “Security System” select the “no encryption” option from the drop down menu – now click “Save As” button – preferably enter a different name (other than the original) – browse and select location to save the new unlocked/decrypted PDF file – click “Save” and done!

BeCyPDF MetaEdit

BeCyPDF MetaEdit Interface

BeCyPDF MetaEdit will create a new unlocked file which will no longer require any damn password. Easy, isn’t it?

Following are some other free softwares similar to BeCyPDF MetaEdit

2. Guaranteed PDF Decrypt (Gua PDF)

3. PDF Crackfree password recovery software

4. PDF Password Remover

5. PdfCrypt

6. PDF Unlocker – password recovery tool

7. PDF Password Remover Online – online service

8. FreeMyPDF – freemypdf.com is an online PDF password removal service

Last two are online services which require the password protected PDF file to be uploaded to the site and it will be decrypted online, once the process completes you can download the newly generated unlocked file.

Note – any of the above mentioned software may or may not work for a particular PDF file depending upon the encryption level and method used so if one tool does not work for you, try another. Password removal is relatively easy in comparison to password recovery thus almost all protected PDF files can be unlocked by one or the other software tool described above. Good luck!


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