How to uninstall a stucked/corrupt Nokia PC Suite from PC?

Nothing is more annoying than a software refusing to uninstall in Windows. Whatever be the cause, stucked/corrupt installers are a headache really. Yesterday when I tried to install Nokia PC Suite in my laptop, it refused giving an error – “An older version of PCSuite is detected on your system, uninstall the previous version first and try again”, while actually I did not have any PC Suite installed. Then I recalled having a PC Suite installed 2 month ago which was removed. Any way here is how I solved the problem:

Steps to remove a corrupt Nokia PC Suite installation completely

Download following two small applications

1. Nokia PC Suite Cleaner (removes all the PC Suite related files from PC)

2. Windows Installer Clean Up (separates any software’s entry from Windows Installer)

Run Nokia PC Suite Cleaner and follow the instructions given. Now install “Windows Installer Clean Up” and run it. A list of some Installed programs will be displayed. Locate and “Remove” all the Nokia PC Suite related entries (like Nokia PC Suite Ver. XYZ, Nokia connectivity Cable Driver, PC Connectivity Solution) and you are done! Restart the computer and now you can install any PC Suite version afresh. Do share your experience in the comments.

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