S Health app updated to version 3.5 with support for new wearables and UV/SpO2 sensors

Samsung recently rolled out an update (version 3.5.1) for its proprietary S Health app for its high-end phones. We got the update notification in Galaxy Note 3 (international model) here in India today. Before this update Note 3 had S Health version installed. As usual some new features have been added in the updated app and some functions found in the older version have been removed. Strangely some features have been selectively removed in certain countries only, for example Heart Rate function will no longer work in Angola. Wearable device support has been improved and the app is now compatible with more such gadgets. New app can now utilize sensors like UV and SpO2 present in newer phones (Note 4). Sleeping/no-activity time measurement function is also added in this version. Here is the complete change-log for this version of S Health

S Health v3.5 New Features

S Health v3.5 New Features

What is new in v3.5.1.0693?
Release Date – 24 Nov 2014
Size – about 50 MB

A password can be set in the new app to protect your personal S Health data. Besides the default app background can also be changed as per your preference

A back-up option has been added which allows you to save your S Health data to a Samsung account. You can also set the frequency of auto-backup (from 3 hours to 3 days). The back-up data can be restored to your current or any other compatible Samsung device

The app is now intelligent enough to tell you which features are not supported in your phone for example in my Galaxy Note 3 it showed that Blood glucose and Blood sugar features are not supported

Weight management function has been added

UV, SpO2 measurements and management functions have been added

Sleeping time/inactivity measurement and management with the compatible wearable device has been added

The following features are no longer available in certain countries
Blood pressure and Blood glucose – UK, South Korea, Angola, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovak, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Iran, Algeria, Canada
Heart rate – Angola
Stress – UK, Japan, Angola, South Africa, France, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Algeria, Canada, Thailand
However S Health provides data export for features not available in above countries. Users can download personal data for unavailable features as CSV file.

S Health 2.5 vs 3.5 Menu Side-by-Side

S Health 2.5 vs 3.5 (interface/menu side-by-side)

Besides above new features here is everything you can do with the new S Health app
In Samsung’s own words

Samsung’s all new S Health 3.5 is your new personal wellness and fitness assistant, designed to help you achieve all of your health goals.

Complete feature-list of S Health app
1. Counts your steps and estimates distances walked with built-in pedometer

2. Logs exercises and workouts, and estimates daily calories burnt

3. Tracks your runs in real time with GPS-enabled exercise tracking and real time audio-cues to enhance your workout

4. Measures your heart rate via your finger using the built-in sensor (works only in phones having Heart rate sensor)

5. Tracks calories consumed throughout the day using the enhanced food log

6. Monitors your weight for weight-control

7. Measures the concentration of oxygen in your blood to indicate your fitness level and the intensity of exercise you are doing with the built-in sensor (works in selected phones having such sensor)

8. Measures your stress level with the built-in sensor

9. Measures the UV (Ultra Violet rays) level around you so you know when to protect your skin

10. Measures your time spent sleeping and motionless via a compatible wearable device

11. Checks your current health status in 5 key areas and selects goals/missions to help you form healthy habits using Coach by Cigna

12. Syncs your S Health account with a variety of wellness and fitness apps so you can see all of your health data in one place

13. Captures data from compatible wearable devices, including Samsung Gear, Gear S, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit, Activity Tracker and more

Some of the above features may not be available in your country or on your device. The features dependent upon built-in sensors may not be supported according to your device capabilities. Compatible wearable/exercise devices may vary according to your phone model (check Settings in S Health app for the list of supported devices)

How to get the new S Health app?
If you have a high-end Samsung phone (Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 etc) with S Health already installed then you can download the update free via “Galaxy Apps” application (a Samsung account is required to update or download apps log-in to Samsung apps and other services). The update may or may not be available in your country right now but eventually it will. After update is complete, S Health will update the S Health service on first launch.

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