How to boot Samsung Android phones into Download/Odin mode?

What is Download/Odin mode in Samsung phones?

Download mode (also called Odin mode) is an inbuilt function in Samsung phones which enables the device to communicate with Odin software running in computer. This mode is intended to be used by advanced users like service center personnel to perform various phone service/software-repair related functions.

What is the use of Download mode in Samsung phones?

Download mode is used to flash/reset Samsung Android phones via computer using Odin. You may read this post to know more about Samsung phone flashing via Odin.

How to access Download/Odin mode in Samsung Android phones?

As Download mode is not meant to be used by average phone users, you cannot access it via phone menu or settings. There is a specific (somewhat tricky) method to enter this mode which may differ from phone to phone. For this, a combination of hardware keys (volume up/down, home and power button) are pressed in a specific pattern (while the phone is in switched off condition). Here is the method to put Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into download/Odin mode –

  • Switch off the phone completely – if the phone is in hanged state then press and hold power button for about 10 seconds until it vibrates and screen goes off
  • Now press and hold 3 buttons viz. “Volume Down + Home (or Bixby) + Power” buttons simultaneously (at the same time) – while pressing the three keys there is no specific order to follow but the power button must be the last one to press. It is recommended that you follow the process like this – first press the Volume Down button and keep pressing it – then press & hold Home button (now keep pressing both) – finally press and hold Power button.
  • Update – In Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8 or newer phones there is no physical “Home” button. You will have to use the new “Bixby” button instead of Home button in such phones for this method. So the new button combo will be “Volume Down + Bixby + Powergalaxy s7 download mode
  • Keep pressing the 3 buttons (usually takes a few seconds) until a “Warning” screen appears – now release the keys
  • After releasing the three buttons, press Volume Up key – this will put the phone into “Download mode” (also called Odin mode). Now you can connect the phone with computer to perform Odin related functions.

This method works in almost all Samsung Android phones and tablets like Galaxy S series (Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 etc), Galaxy Note series (Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, Note 4, Note Edge etc), Galaxy C series, Galaxy A series and Galaxy J series etc.


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