Samsung MicroSD “Rugged” Memory Card Tested for shock and water resistance

Recently, I received a new “rugged” MicroSD card which the seller (and manufacturer) claimed to be – water, shock and magnet resistant. It is an 8GB MicroSDHC card manufactured by Samsung (MB-MS86).
Memory cards (specially MicroSD variety) are lightweight plastic chips with almost no breakable-by-shock parts – it means you can drop (or even throw) them from Empire State’s top floor without damaging anything within. However this is not true about all types of shocks like for example – crushing under shoes and heavy objects which may damage the micro-circuits and render the card unusable (with corruption of the data). This may well be a real scenario – you accidentally drop the card at the floor (without knowing it) and people unknowingly crush it on their way. Another scenario is – card dropping in water – which is quite common as there is plenty of water everywhere! In most of the cases of water contact the card is damaged for sure because water enters and destroys the electric circuits.


Now I decided to test the “rugged” status of this card in real world scenarios. First up, I copied different content (videos, songs, images etc) in the card to fill half the memory. For the Shock-test – I put it at the lobby-floor of a busy hospital for half an hour (enough to get a brutal crushing by shoes of, well, all types of people) – after the time was over I placed the card into my N8 again and surprisingly everything was OK – it was running fine, the content was intact and readable!

The next one was the more rigorous water test – incidentally I had a fresh Coke plastic bottle (half liter) at the time and it served as my testing-reservoir. I dropped the card into the fizzy cold drink bottle and let it remain there for half an hour (with the lid tightly closed). After the time was over, I drank the soft drink and get the helpless card out. Then I washed the card thoroughly with water. I was skeptical placing the card into N8 as I was afraid that it could damage the phone. To my surprise the card survived this test as well – it was (and still is running fine in my Nokia N8).
So I can surely say that this microSD HC card is a “Rugged” one and you won’t have to worry about data loss if you have got this one (whatever adverse conditions you throw it in).
You can get this memory card (2, 4, 8, 16 GB capacity) online from Memorycardzoo


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