Samsung S Health app gets a major “re-design” update (version 4.1)

S Health app received an update recently which bumps up the app version to 4.1 (from previous v3.5). S Health is Samsung’s proprietary health and fitness Android app which comes built in with their high-end devices (like Galaxy S and Note series phones). We received the update in a Galaxy S5 unit as version 4.1 No official change-log is available from Samsung but here are some of the changes we noticed –

S Health v4.1 Update

S Health v4.1 Update

Visually it is definitely a significant update, as Samsung has re-designed the app icon, UI and UI elements. New UI looks flat and less colorful (“white” replaces “green” as the background/general theme color) with all functions arranged at a single scrollable home page. In older versions the functions were arranged in two (left vertical and bottom horizontal) sections. So the new S Health is not as visually appealing as the previous version but it is certainly a bit more user friendly. However old users will have hard time getting used to the new interface.

Some features have been removed (like “Coach by Cigna”)

Support for many more health tracking devices has been added (compatible accessories now include all Samsung wearables, weigh-scales, heart rate monitors plus many Adidas, Garmin, Omron, Tanita, Timex, Wahoo devices etc). However the app functions remain largely unchanged.

If you have S Health installed in your phone then it should automatically update itself or you can also check for the update via Galaxy Apps application (Samsung’s app store application) – launch “Galaxy Apps” (phone must be connected to internet to use this app) – go to Menu/Purchased/Updates (you must be logged in with a Samsung account to access this menu) – wait for a moment as your phone checks for available app updates and list them – S Health will appear in this list if it is available as an update for your phone/country.

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