Setting Up Custom Domain Name for a Blogger blog – Troubleshooting “A” Records

In the first part of this post I have described configuration of custom domain for a blogger blog in detail. Blogger has described creating four A records to forward your naked domain ( to www variant ( However some registrars (including Godaddy) do not support this feature and give error on creating same A record as that of CNAME. Here is what you can do in this situation –
1. Do not worry if your domain registrar does not allow to create an “A” record for “www” giving error “Cannot create an A record as a CNAME record for the same value already exist”. Just use the domain forwarding option as explained below (taking Godaddy as example) –
2. Login to Godaddy and go to “DomainsMy AccountDomain Management” (or MyAccountDomain Manager”)
3. At “Damian Manager” select your domain and then select “Forward Domain”
4. At the “Forwarding” screen enter (your domain name with www) in the given field and click OK, confirm if prompted and done. Now your registrar will forward your naked domain to www variant (means that if someone enters your domain name without www in the URL bar of a browser, it will be redirected to www variant).
Note however that DO NOT delete or change any existing “A” record for this domain because it is the host record, necessary for redirection.


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