(How to) Completely Exit/Force Close WhatsApp in Symbian Phones

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular mobile app across all mobile platforms including Symbian OS. Being a messenger app, it tries to remain online all the time (to check and retrieve messages). The most annoying thing about WhatsApp (for me at least) is that it always runs as a background process even if you are not using it. The fact is that you just can’t exit it via options or close by phone’s task manager. Thus if you are also annoyed by this feature of WhatsApp, then we got you covered. Here is how you can get rid of this nuisance by completely closing WhatsApp so that it will not run in the background and eat up valuable RAM and battery –

Update (Feb. 2014) – A free  app called WhatsApp modifier can also be used for this purpose in Symbian^3/Anna/Belle phones – please refer to this post which describes WhatsApp modifier in detail.

Update (August 2013) – An easy method to do the above task is via a small app called CloseWhatsApp developed by the Symbian modder huellif. Download CloseWhatsApp from here and install in your phone (phone must be hacked to install it) – un-check the option not desired. After installation launch CloseWhatsApp from menu and done! simple. CloseWhatsApp simply kills all the three processes of WhatsApp thus force closing it. You may refer to this post at Dailymobile forum for full details and latest version of CloseWhatsApp and its widget.

Following two methods can also be used for closing WhatsApp but are a little tricky.

We need a powerful task manager app to solve this issue and NetQin Mobile Security is the perfect one. Best TaskMan can also be used for this purpose.

Using NetQin Mobile Security – Download it from here and install in your phone. NetQin will automatically launch (otherwise launch it via phones Menu). At the main interface select “SYS Optimization” and then “Running Apps”. Find and select Whatsapp from the list. Now select the “X” icon at the bottom left and then select “Yes” at the “Close selected process” prompt. NetQin will kill all three processes of Whatsapp to shut it down. Done!
There are two demerits with NetQin – one is that you will have to repeat this process every time WhatsApp is launched or the phone restarts and the second is that NetQin is itself a stubborn app (being a antivirus/security app) which runs permanently in background and controls calling, data usage, app installation and other functions of the phone. But unlike WhatsApp you can disable all of these functions from NetQin Settings.

Using Best TaskMan – Best TaskMan is a useful task manager app for Symbian which can also be used to close WhatsApp. Download it from here and install in your phone. Launch TaskMan and go to Menu/View/Processes. There will be three processes of WhatsApp running – WhatsApp.exe, LoggerServer.exe and ProcMgrServer.exe Now you will have to quickly close all the three one by one (long press at the process name and select “Terminate process” from popup) in the order – WhatsApp.exe then LoggerServer.exe then ProcMgrServer.exe I wrote quickly because if the procedure is delayed the processes will restart again. If this happens that processes start again and again then try this sequence – LoggerServer then WhatsApp then ProcMgrServer. When all the three processes close and do not reappear in the list, consider the procedure to be successful. Exit TaskMan but remember you will have to repeat this process every time phone restarts or you launch WhatApp manually. Similarly you can also close NetQin processes via TaskMan.

I have successfully used these methods in my Nokia N8 (Belle Refresh) and Nokia 808PureView (Belle FP2).

Note – You can also use modded version of WhatsApp which has the option to disable autostart at phone-boot and some other useful features. Refer to this post to know more about modded WhatsApp for Symbian.

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