Nokia Service Software (NSS) Pro – Good Software to flash, SIM-unlock or Read/reset security code of Nokia phones

What is NSS Pro and how to use it?

There are quite a few Nokia service softwares available out there for general public like Phoenix, JAF, Nokia Care Suite etc. These tools can be used to solve Nokia phones firmware related problems and perform many other useful tasks. We have already described these softwares in older posts. Here we will cover another Nokia service software called NSS Pro. NSS (Nokia Service Software) Pro is a very useful and easy to use tool (for Windows), with which you can perform a multitude of Nokia related service tasks using your computer at home. Here is an overview of main features of NSS Pro and what you can do with it –

1. Detailed phone info

NSS Pro can read (and even write some of the values) various phone details like IMEI, product code, production serial no., hardware version, SW version, MCU version etc. Besides NSS can also read permanent memory (keys and values) of the phone and saves this info as a .pm file


NSS Pro Functions

2. Factory reset/flash/software update

with NSS Pro you can easily reset/format your phone. Many reset options are available in NSS like full factory, user data, leave factory, production tune and service center. To reset the phone select the reset type from drop down list and click “Reset” button and let NSS Pro finish the process. Under reset menu there is also an option to update phone’s software (if update is available). In addition you can also flash your Nokia phone using NSS Pro, if you have phone’s firmware files (stock or custom ROM).

3. Read/reset security code of supported phones

It is one of the most useful and unique function available in NSS not found in other such softwares. There is an option to read “User Code” (security code of the phone) at the “Phone Management/Basic Actions” window. Just connect your phone with computer using USB cable and launch NSS Pro – when NSS detects your phone click “User Code” button – NSS will search for the code in phone’s permanent memory and show it at the “Phone management” window. I have tested many Nokia phones with NSS to find out their security codes and it worked for all older phones (S40 and Symbian upto S60v3). However NSS could not read security codes of Symbian touch phones (S^3/Anna/Belle). I have not tested any Nokia Lumia phone with NSS Pro.
However you can also reset security code of any Nokia phone using NSS Pro – just do a “Full factory” reset under “Phone Management/Basic Actions” window and your phone’s security code will be reset to default. If this does not work then boot the phone into “Local mode” and do a “Full factory” reset again and security code should be gone now!



4. SIM Unlock

NSS can also read/reset/restore phone’s SIM lock code (if the phone is locked to a specific carrier/network provider’s SIM). It’s an advanced function and should be performed very carefully.

5. Test phone’s key functions or perform other tasks in various modes

NSS Pro can boot phone into various service modes – Normal, Test, Local, OSBL, CareFTM and WinDiag. Besides these main functions, there is much more you can do with Nokia Service Software (NSS) Pro. So download it from here and be a power user. NSS Pro is compatible with Windows XP or later (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Note – If a Nokia phone is not detected by NSS Pro then most probably phone drivers are not installed in your computer. To solve this issue just install latest version of Nokia Suite in computer – it will install all supported Nokia mobile drivers. Nokia Suite can be downloaded free from here.

NSS Pro supports almost all Nokia mobile phones – Nokia generic, S30, Asha, S40, Symbian S60 and Lumia Winodws Phone devices.

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  1. Charlotte January 20, 2016 at 10:42 AM #

    My boyfriend is tracking my phone, he knows the location and who knows what else! How can I stop him from getting my info, not just location, but all other details just to be sure. Thanks!

  2. Zoltan Nagy October 29, 2017 at 12:04 AM #

    NSS can also read/reset/restore phone’s SIM lock code . How To Nokia6500?

    Thank you

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