From version 4.20, Smart Movie is a freeware for Symbian (S60v3, S60v5, S^3/Anna/Belle)

Smart Movie v4.20 for Symbian is a freeware now

After UltraMP3, Lonelycatgames recently made SmartMovie a freeware too. Throughout the golden era of Symbian OS (2003-2008), SmartMovie remained one of the most popular and must-have app among Symbian phone users. But with the downfall of the OS, Lonelycatgames gradually stopped further development of its Symbian apps, UltraMP3 was first to go (removed from the official site long time back). Now it’s time for SmartMovie – the countdown has begun with the first step of making it a freeware (earlier it has been made free for S60v2 phones last year). It has also been updated to version 4.20 (the last paid version was 4.15) removing the restriction of limited playback time in trial version.

SmartMovie is a good video player app which can play AVI (originally it was the only format which SmartMovie supported), MP4, 3GP and FLV format videos in Symbian phones. In fact SmartMovie is optimized and better suited upto Symbian S60v5 for which it is a very good (actually indispensable) app.

SmartMovie v4.20

Smart Movie v4.20

However from S^3 onwards it is not fully compatible (and relevant) – I have noticed a sluggish playback of HD videos and even not supported errors while trying to play some MP4 videos in my Nokia N8. Actually the built in video player of Symbian^3/Anna/Belle is somewhat better than SmartMovie (better codec support, good HD video playback etc). Still you may try SmartMovie as an alternative video player in your S^3/Anna/Belle phone.

Download Smart Movie v4.20 free

Log on to the official site to download SmartMovie v4.20/Build 15.3.2013 (also available for S60v2 and Windows Mobile). A video converter software for Windows computer is also provided in the download package.

Update (2017) – Unfortunately this version of Smart Movie proved to be the last official version of the app released by Lonelycatgames in 2013.

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