Solving Problems (Useless Apps, Battery Issue etc) of Early Belle Updates

If you are one of those (un)lucky guys who updated their Symbian^3 phone as soon as Belle was rolled out on 7th of feb. then this post is for you. Many early Belle adopters (including me) are having some issues with their phone and Nokia has also admitted this officially. Following are the main problems –

1. Three useless native apps (of diagnostic importance, according to Nokia) were installed along with the OS viz. 360 Panel, Nokia Crash Reporter and Power Monitor (in a folder called RnD Tools). These apps automatically create and send diagnostic reports to Nokia. You can stop them to send reports but can’t stop to create the trash and worst of all, these can’t be removed anyhow.

2. Besides I also noticed a reduced battery backup in my N8 – may be due to a large number of useless processes running in the background. Nokia has admitted these (and many other Belle related issues) at Belle FAQ page.
Anyway, the only solution to the above issues is – just re-install Belle on your phone via Nokia Suite. It’s very simple as Nokia explains –

360Panel and Nokia Crash Reporter are Nokia applications intended for Nokia internal use and research purposes. They were included by accident in some Nokia Belle variants and those software versions have now been removed from our update servers. If you have those applications on your phone, please note that usage data collected via 360Panel is not saved on any Nokia servers in line with our privacy policy. You can stop your phone from sending anonymous crash logs to Nokia by going to Nokia Crash Reporter app, press the soft key on the lower right hand corner of your screen and select Stop.
We nevertheless advise to re-download and install the Belle update via Nokia Suite. But before doing this do not forget to: delete the old software package files from your PC – which can be done either via Nokia Suite (go to Tools/Options/own device/remove device – this will clear all the device specific data on your hard disk, including the old software files) or you can also manually clear the data in the following folders –
Windows XPC:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Nokia/Nokia Suite/NOSSU2
Windows 7C:/ProgramData/Nokia/Nokia Suite/NOSSU2
Now go ahead and re-install Belle via Nokia Suite to fix the above issues. Also, for maximum battery backup, disable “Big clock” screensaver and better avoid Nokia Sleeping Screen screensaver (both of these drain the battery very fast).

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