Symbian Tips – Solving Update Error, Fixing Corrupt Access-Point Settings etc

Here are some common problems related to Symbian S60 (specially Symbian^3) phones and their solutions –

1. Solving “Unable to update” error – “error updating to newer version” occurs sometimes when one tries to install newer version of an app over an older version (that is already installed in the mobile). Usually this error occurs if the app’s newer version is an unsigned one. Whatever be the reason, it’s very simple to solve this problem – just uninstall the previous version and then go ahead installing the new version. It should install without any error now.

2. How to fix the corrupt Access Points (Destinations) settings in Symbian^3? – Sometimes the “Destinations” (where all the “Access points” are available under “Connectivity/Settings”) gets corrupt and thus becomes inaccessible. Formatting the phone is one solution but you can also fix this issue just by deleting a single file (which contains all the access point data and settings). Go to “C:\private\10202be9\persists\cccccc00.cre” via any file manager (like X-plore or FExplorer) and delete “cccccc00.cre” file, exit X-Plore and done. Now you have an empty “Destinations” menu and can add access points afresh. But remember your phone must be hacked to access the “private” folder (use this simple hacking method if your phone is not hacked still).

3. How to increase the speed and decrease startup time in Symbian S60 phones? – Ever wondered why your Symbian phone has become a sloth over time? Believe it or not the fault is all yours! Hundreds (or even more) of apps and games are installed in your phone, right? Well these are the cause of your mobile’s slowness. Anyway, try this method to instantly increase your phone’s speed (and to reduce startup time) – download and install NetQin Mobile Guard (free app for S60v3, 5 and Symbian^3) – run M Guard and select “Clean Spam” utility – now select “Memory cleaning” option – it will show all the running processes – now go to options and select “Close all apps” – wait for the process to complete – exit the “Clean spam” menu and select “Boot manager” option – it will show all the “Auto start apps” (which automatically start at phone’s start up and thus increase boot time) – go to “Options” to disable auto-start of unnecessary apps one by one. Exit M Guard and you will have a faster phone for sure.

Update – Unfortunately, Mobile Guard is not showing auto-start apps in Belle so better use NetQin Mobile Security app for this purpose. Mobile Security is another very good, multipurpose security app (antivirus, system cleaner etc) for Symbian.

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2 Responses to Symbian Tips – Solving Update Error, Fixing Corrupt Access-Point Settings etc

  1. Jody February 10, 2012 at 2:57 PM #

    Unfortunately this version of NetQin Mobile Guard isn’t working properly with the new Belle software… For example the scan tells me that I have too many auto-start apps running but when I go to Boot Manager, the list is empty and stays empty… doesn’t show any auto-start apps.

    • Juan March 12, 2012 at 2:29 AM #

      Jody, I have the same problem with NetQin Mobile Guard. What I have done is that I install the Mobile Security. These one does tell me which programs auto start with the phone. Hope this information helps you guys.

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