Opera Mini Secret Commands/Urls and “Power User Settings”

One thing that I love about Opera Mini is that it gives me more control over its settings and functions than any other mobile browser. Besides basic settings and functions (accessible via Menu/Tools) there are some hidden controls also that can be accessed at Mini’s proxy server with the help of some command URLs. These are server-side commands so you must have internet access on your mobile to execute them. Following are the commands (Type it in the URL bar via Menu/Enter Address and press Go to):

1. config: (or opera:config) – To access the “Power User settings” page. At this page following settings can be tweaked according to your preference:
Image placeholder size option, fit text to screen option, page loading time-out option, site patches option, option to keep styling in RSS feeds, show feedindex (A list showing all available page feeds at the top of page), fold long link list in mobile view option, phone number detection option and bitmap fonts option for complex scripts. Don’t forget to click “Save” after changing settings.


2. server:reset – to delete the cookies related to your session and logins that are stored on Opera Mini’s server.

3. about: (or about:opera or opera:about) – To know about Opera mini’s version, build, platform info (Pike version and release) and details of Third parties involved.

4. debug: (or server:version)- To know about Server status (version etc), cookie status and many other advanced information (About device name, version, MIDP version etc).

5. feed:list (or feed://list) – To see and manage the feeds subscribed in Mini.

6. opera:cache – To see the cache stored at server

7. server:console – Displays the JavaScript error console

8. server:source – Displays the active (current) page’s source code

9. server:refresh – Refreshes the active page

10. share:facebook or share:twitter (Opera Mini 4.3 or OM 6 only) – Update Facebook status/share a link (or submit any page to twitter) via Opera Mini (login to facebook/twitter required).
Some other special URLs (secret codes) are described in this post….

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