(Trivia) Some Interesting Facts of Medicine

I just love trivia and often share these “small info” with my readers. Trivial facts increase your knowledge without overstraining your brain. A good knowledge of “triviology” make you an instant hit and center of attention in a party, debate or your classroom. In this post I am sharing some medicine trivia with my medico readers, hope you will enjoy these…

1. Charles Edouard Brown Sequard (1817-1894) was perhaps the most multi-national personality of medicine history. Several nations lay claim over him as he was born in Mauritius (then a British colony) son of a French woman and an American sea captain. He worked as professor of physiology in Virginia (USA), National Hospital (Queens square, London), at Harvard and finally in Paris.

2. Motor Neuron Disease has affected many celebrities the world over. Most famous of these is Professor Stephen Hawking (A physicist), others (Now dead) include Lou Gehrig (American baseball player), David Niven (Actor), Don Revie (Football Manager) and Sir Leonard Cheshire (Wartime pilot).

3. Pierre Paul Broca (1824-1880) was professor of surgery in Paris. Better known for his pioneering work on Anthropology and cerebral localization of speech (remember Broca’s speech area), he is reported to have described muscular dystrophy (before Duchenne), Rickets as a nutritional disorder (before Virchow) and venous spread of cancer (before Rokitansky).

4. Achilles (Achilles tendon of heel) is a figure from Greek mythology. He was a hero of the famous “Trojan war”.

5. Stethoscope was invented by Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec in 1816

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