Best Opera Mini 5/6/7 Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best tips and tricks related to Opera Mini 5/6/7 – the world’s most popular mobile web browser:

1. Special URLs: Opera Mini supports some special URLs (just like desktop browsers) to enter advanced menu (enter these in URL address bar and press Go to):

config: – Opens advanced (Power user) settings page

debug: (or server:version) – Shows detailed info about many parameters related to phone, Mini version and Mini’s server

about: (opera:about) – Shows detailed info about Mini version, Build and other details

feed:list – To show all the available feeds saved in Mini (Accessed via * and Zero shortcut in previous versions)

server:reset – To delete the cookies stored at server
You may read this post to know more about these URLs

2. Keypad Shortcuts Many keypad shortcuts are available in Mini 5 (not available in touchscreen phones) for a faster browsing experience. At first these may seem difficult to remember but after some practice you will become addicted to them. Following is the list (I use mostly first six):

# plus 0 – to reload the page
# plus # (# two times) – Forward (go one page forward)
# plus 2 – To open “Search” (shows “Bookmarks” in version 4.xx and earlier)
# then 5 – Go to Bookmarks page (opens “History” in earlier versions)
# plus 6 – Opens “History” (to bookmark the current page in earlier versions)
* plus any number 1 to 9 – Go to the speed dial URL set at that number
# plus 7 – To access “Downloads”
# plus 8 – To open “Settings” menu
# plus * – To access “Find in page” function in earlier versions (This shortcut is not functional in version 5 and higher)
* plus # – To change screen orientation (Toggle Landscape and Portrait)
* plus * – To toggle between “Full screen” and normal screen mode
* plus Up Navigation (Arrow) key – Creates new “Tab”
* plus Down Nav key – Close the active Tab

3. THE “LONG PRESS” FUNCTION – This is a new and interesting feature added from version 5 onwards. It is just like right click menu in desktop browsers which add many useful functions. To use it in Mini 5, “Long press” (press and hold for a second or two) the center navigation key (or touch and hold in touchscreen mobiles) until a menu pops up depending on where you long pressed as follows:

a) If long pressed at a link on any page, the popup menu will show options
“Open in new tab”
“Select Text”
“Open Image” (if long pressed on an image)
“Save Image”

b) If long pressed anywhere else on screen, a popup menu will show
“Select Text” option (To select any text on screen). A cursor will appear on screen to select the desired text. After selecting the text press “Use”, a popup will appear showing options
“Copy” – Copy the selected text to use (Paste) in other text entry fields in Opera Mini itself (This text is not copied to phone’s clipboard and thus will not be available in other apps)
“Search” – To search the selected text with Google (Or the default one you have set)
“Search With..” – To search the selected text with search providers other than default
“Go to Address” (only appears if a single word, numeral or textual URL without hyperlink is selected as text) – To use and go to the selected text considering it as a URL.

c) If long pressed at “Enter URL” or “Search” field the popup will show options
“Copy” (To copy the highlighted URL)
“Fullscreen Edit” (To edit the URL in phone’s inbuilt text editor)

d) If long pressed at Speed Dials (thumbnails) the popup menu will show
“Add” – To add a new speed dial
“Clear” – To delete the existing speed dial
“Edit” – To edit the existing speed dial
Read this post to know more about editing/changing speed dials in Opera Mini 5 and 6.

Using the copied text from opera mini in other apps of phone (like in “Notes”) follow the steps (tested in Symbian S60 phones only):
Copy the desired text using the method described in 3. (b) above
Go to “Menu”/Select URL field
Long press (Press and hold) the center selection key (Touch and hold at URL field in touch phones), a menu will popup, select “Paste” from it
The copied text will be pasted in the URL field
Again select URL field and again press and hold (Long press), a menu will popup, select “Fullscreen Edit” from it
The text will open in phone’s inbuilt text editor, now you can copy this text to clipboard using “Pen” key and navigation keys, how? (read this post to know how to Cut/Copy/Paste text in Symbian S60 phones).

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