4 Ways to make your smartphone more than just a Social tool

Smartphones are a great way to stay updated with the world. By offering access to texting capabilities and social media, smartphones allow you to always stay connected. Smartphones, though, have greater potential than simply allowing you to post on Facebook or update your Twitter feed. Here are four ways you can get the most out of your smartphone.

Improve your health

Generally speaking, there are two types of health apps. Some apps are used to track and monitor data, and other apps provide access to a database of stored information. Apps that collect data come in a variety of forms. Some, for example, allow you to track and monitor your exercise routine and diet. Some smartphones have built-in health app that allows you to monitor key health data.
Some apps even allow you to track moles on your skin to see whether they are changing too much or too quickly. The nice thing about these apps is that you can use them to provide your health care provider with a documented medical record. Other apps act as a data base of information, by offering a library of exercise routines or a list of foods and their nutritional value.

Organize your life

There are many top-rated apps available to help you organize your busy day. Some apps can help track receipts and spending, whereas others simply remind you of birthdays. One particularly helpful aps is Packing Pro, which not only allows you to generate a packing list that you can export to other devices (while offering a way to check off what has been packed) but also comes with pre-generated master lists of items that people typically pack. Furthermore, it comes with lists of items to pack when traveling with children or even pets so that you won’t forget key items.

Manage your finances and track your spending

Most major banks and credit cards now have official apps that allows you to check your balance and track your spending. Most of these apps also allow you to transfer money easily between accounts and pay your bills. Other apps are also available to help you budget your money, the most popular of which is Mint.
The Mint app easily consolidates all your accounts and spending into one place, giving you a real-time view of your credit card debt and available cash. Plus, it allows you create a budget and track how well you are staying within budget from month to month. The app also categorizes your spending so that you can see where the majority of your money goes, and it helps you identify opportunities for saving.

Educate yourself

There are plenty of apps that let you download books electronically to smart devices like the 9.7 inch Apple iPad Pro so you can read and learn on the go. But what about learning a foreign language? There are many top-rated apps that work with you to help you develop your language skills. Most of these use a combination of visual, audio, and verbal methods to teach novice speakers a new language. Some are game based, rewarding users for correct answers with reward points that can be used within the app. The nice thing about language apps is that they are geared toward conversational language use, allowing users to get the most out of their use. Explore a full range of top-rated apps to start learning today!

Although sometimes smartphones appear useful only for socializing, they offer a smorgasbord of features and apps that allow alternative uses. Maybe some of these apps resonate with you, or perhaps you want to discover something new for yourself: Either way, you’re well on your way to using you mobile device for more than ever before.

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