(How to) Speed up Chrome browser even with multiple tabs open in Android

How to make Google Chrome run smoother even with multiple tabs open?
Google Chrome is one of the top 3 most popular web browser apps for Android (and Windows) users. However one drawback with Chrome (and probably with other browsers too) is that it slows down like a sloth when too many tabs are open simultaneously. This is because Chrome is programmed to behave in such a way that each opened tab is treated as an individual application by the OS (so that if a single tab hangs others remain unaffected). This quality makes Chrome a resource heavy app if too many tabs are opened at the same time; this is more evident in Android phones where RAM is scarce. So if you are a heavy Chrome user and annoyed by this necessary evil then we have a workaround for you in this matter. Just follow the instructions given below –

Open Chrome in your Android device

Enter the following exact command in the URL-cum-Search bar of Chrome and tap Go


An “experimental settings” page will open with many functions set to default values.

speed up chrome via experimental settings

Chrome Experimental Settings

Find the setting named “Maximum tiles for interest area” (usually this text will be highlighted with yellow color) – tap the button of this setting – from the popup list change the value from “Default” to 256 or 512 depending upon the RAM your phone has – on changing the value a popup will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you that the changes will take effect when Chrome is restarted – tap the “Re-launch Now” button and done! Now Chrome will not stutter until of course you stress it upto a level that the new allocated RAM is also used up. So enjoy super smooth Chrome browsing experience on your Android phone.

How all this work? – Developers, knowing this quality of Chrome, have allocated a minimum amount of RAM (variable according to phone’s RAM) for the app. When Chrome consumes this much amount of RAM, things start to get choppy then. By the above command we can increase the RAM allocation for Chrome to make it run smoother even when multiple tabs are open. You can also use this trick in Chrome installed in desktop OSes like Windows and Mac.

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